How to mute someone in FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Sometimes we have to silence distracting noises while mute someone in FaceTime. You must be able to muffle yourself or another person on FaceTime, whether it is due to background noise, privacy concerns or other factors. You can now maintain a focused, uninterrupted FaceTime conversation.

How do you mute the audio on a FaceTime Call

I mutes myself when there is a lot of noise around me. I don’t want my caller to hear all the noise. You can also note that the video will be paused when you leave the chat window to browse other apps. However, you’ll still be audible during the call. It’s better to muffle yourself.

On iPhone or iPad:

  • To bring up controls, tap the screen during a FaceTime call.
  • To muffle the audio, tap the microphone icon.
  • The mic will then turn red. To unmute, tap the mic again.

On Mac:

  • Click and hold the FaceTime window.
  • Click on the white microphone icon.

The mic will now turn gray, so the other person cannot hear you. They won’t know that you have muted your own voice. You can also muffle your call using the menu bar.

You can also use the Mac’s voice isolation to prevent noises from interrupting your calls.

  • FaceTime is now available on Mac.
  • Click on the FaceTime icon in the menu bar.
  • Select the Mic Mode.

How to mute someone in FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

  • Choose Voice Isolation.

How to mute someone in FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How do I mute another person on FaceTime for iPhone, iPad or Mac

It can be embarrassing for your FaceTime call to be loud and audible in public. In this case, I use AirPods in order to silence FaceTime. If you are facing a major distraction, it is best to ask the person to muffle themselves. What if you do not want to be heard by the other person?

Method 1: Mute your device

You can muffle someone on FaceTime by using the volume controls of your device.

  • You can also lower the volume by sliding the physical mute buttons on your iPhone or iPad. Use the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro to silence audio output.
  • Press the F10 key on Mac to muffle the output volume.

Method 2: Use headphones

I use headphones to mute someone on FaceTime. Connect your iPhone or Mac directly to your headset. I also swipe down the volume on my AirPods. You can watch the video without audio.

Tip: Avoid FaceTime notifications by using the Focus filter and Do Not Disturb modes.

How do you pause your FaceTime video?

FaceTime for iPhone and Mac allows you to pause the video as well as audio.

On iPhone or iPad:

  • FaceTime Video Call Window: Tap on the FaceTime window to start a video call.
  • Select the white camera icon.

Your video will be turned off and the camera will go grey. The other person cannot see you. You can also turn your iPhone’s screen off to pause the video. Press the side button on your iPhone.

On Mac:

  • Click and hold the FaceTime window.
  • Click on the camera icon.

Your video can no longer be shared. Click the yellow minimize button in the call window to stop the video immediately. They can still hear your voice. To return to the call, click the FaceTime icon in the dock.

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FaceTime is not boring!

It can be important to know how to muffle someone on FaceTime. This guide will show you how to quickly silence FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad and Mac device. Next time you find yourself in a similar situation, you can be assured of a smooth and focused FaceTime call.

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