How to copy a screenshot from a Mac into the clipboard

Are you aware that you may use screenshots taken on your Mac without storing them? By understanding how to copy a screenshot from a Mac to the clipboard, you can wave goodbye to crowded desktops and streamline your productivity.

You may copy a screenshot straight from the Mac clipboard without having to save them.

Important Takeaways

  • Control + Command + Shift + 3: Take a screenshot of the whole Mac screen and save it to your clipboard.
  • Control + Command + Shift + 4: Selects a specific region of the screen.
  • To paste the screenshot, use the Command + V shortcut.

How to use the Mac’s clipboard to copy screenshots 

Before we get started, introduces yourself with your Mac’s Universal Clipboard. Once you’ve successfully enabled Handoff for your devices, follow the instructions below to capture screenshots and transfer them to your MacBook’s clipboard.

Method 1: Use keyboard shortcuts

  • Navigate to the screen you want to capture on your Mac.
  • Enter any of the following keyboard combinations:
    • Control + Command + Shift + 3: Captures the full screen.
    • Control + Command + Shift + 4: Allows you to choose a portion of the screen.

Using these key combinations, a screenshot will be copied directly to your clipboard.

  • Now, navigate to any other program or page that accepts keyboard input.
  • To paste a screenshot, use Command + V.

It works wonderfully on all devices using the same Apple ID. For example, I can copy a screenshot from the Mac clipboard and put them right into my iPhone.

Method 2: Use the Screenshot app

  • On your Mac, navigate to the appropriate screen.
  • Press Command + Shift + 5 at the same time.
  • Go to Options and choose Clipboard from the Save to option.
  • Set the desired screenshot parameters and click Capture.
    Alternatively, hit Return to copy the snapshot to the clipboard.
  • Now, simply paste the screenshot onto your Mac.

You may also copy a screenshot onto your iPhone using the same Apple ID.

How to change the screenshot shortcuts on your Mac

We aren’t done here. You may set up keyboard shortcuts for quickly copying and saving screenshots to a clipboard. Here’s how.

  • Navigate to System Settings by clicking the Apple logo (◊).
How to copy a screenshot from a Mac into the clipboard

  • In the left pane, choose Keyboard and then Keyboard Shortcuts
How to copy a screenshot from a Mac into the clipboard

  • Selected Screenshots, Choose the clipboard choices.
  • Double-click the key combinations and enter the new ones.
    A shortcut can include no more than four keys.
  • Click Done to save your selections.
How to copy a screenshot from a Mac into the clipboard

FAQs about: copy a screenshot

How do I edit a screenshot on Mac before it is copied to the clipboard?
The built-in shortcut does not allow direct editing. You can still open it in Preview, or another image editor after you copy a screenshot to your clipboard.

Can I change the format default of the screenshots?
As a default, copy a screenshot will be saved in PNG format. You’ll have to manually change the format after you capture if you prefer a different one. The different formats don’t have a shortcut on the clipboard.

Up your screenshot game! 

Folks, there you have it! Thanks to the clipboard sorcery, you can now easily locate that elusive image without having to search through folders. Moreover, may you take screenshots quickly, have a convenient copy a screenshot clipboard, and have amazing tech experiences.

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