5 Best Adobe Photoshop alternatives for Mac in 2023

Here are the 5 Best Adobe Photoshop alternatives for Mac in 2023. Photographers and designers traditionally use Adobe Photoshop. Adobe eventually turned to a subscription arrangement instead of a cheaper one-time purchase. The corporation also forces consumers to buy the $52.99-per-month Creative Cloud membership. Read on for the 5 best Adobe Photoshop alternatives for Mac if you want to leave Adobe.

We have Adobe and other programs for graphics and UI/UX design, therefore this discussion will focus on picture editing tools. Let’s begin.

Affinity Photo

5 Best Adobe Photoshop alternatives for Mac in 2023

Not surprising. Due to Affinity Photo’s one-time purchase option, regular promotions, and amazing features, pros are recommending it.

Cross-platform availability is handled by Affinity. It works on Mac and Windows. The features are nearly identical to Photoshop. There is a learning curve for the UI. Liquefying colour correction, RAW support, Panorama stitching, Batch processing, and more are important features.

Working with PSDs? Affinity covers it too. Photoshop files are readily imported and edited. The program can modify 360° images.

As indicated above, Affinity has a learning curve, hence there aren’t many online guidelines. A hardback textbook helps new users learn the software.

Prices for Affinity Photo start at $49.99. At press time, the firm is discounting it 50% to $24.99. I consider it a steal.

Pixelmator Pro

5 Best Adobe Photoshop alternatives for Mac in 2023

Pixelmator Pro replicates Lightroom rather than Photoshop. However, if you have a light workflow and are happy with Pixelmator Pro’s features, I recommend it.

Pixelmator Pro has a great UI. The clean, smooth UI contrasts with Photoshop’s complexity. Pixelmator cleverly organizes functionality in the sidebar rather than overwhelming the user.

Company claims to have created the editing engine from scratch using Apple’s Metal hardware-accelerated graphics API. The approach gives developers near-direct GPU access. This appears in the final output. I used Pixelmator Pro for over six months without any unexpected errors or malfunctions, unlike Adobe Photoshop.

RAW photo compatibility, several filters, retouching tools, text styles, ready-to-use shapes, and more are available.

Pixelmator costs $39.99 (one-time purchase) on the Mac App Store. Expect regular social media sales from the firm. I bought the program at 40% off during Christmas.

Skylum Luminar 4

5 Best Adobe Photoshop alternatives for Mac in 2023

Skylum promotes Luminar 4’s AI to attract Photoshop converts. The entire app is meant to allow users let the AI change photographs instead of wrestling with infinite editing choices.

I adore Luminar 4’s AI structure tool, as Skylum promised. The programme can make an image richer and pop-up with one click. We like that Luminar offers something similar on the Mac, like Google Photos.

Anyone who imports photographs from the hard drive will like Luminar’s library. Luminar mirrors your hard drive and syncs updates when you connect it to Mac.

Other features include the erase tool, adjustment amount slider, portrait enhancer, and more.

Lumiar 4 supports Mac and Windows. While Pixelmator Pro and Affinity support M1 architecture out of the box, it does not.

30 days money-back guarantee from Luminar. One-seat licences cost $69.99. If you’re serious about Luminar, get the two-license bundle to save money.


5 Best Adobe Photoshop alternatives for Mac in 2023

Just Mac or Windows Photoshop alternatives have been discussed thus far. Check out Colorcinch, a web-based picture editor. Web-based solutions let you utilise the same software on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux. Availability across platforms is assured.

The programme offers many presets, images, and other creative assets. A few AI-powered special effects make Colorcinch a strong contender. I love the Cartoonizer effect, which turns pictures into cartoons, drawings, and paintings.

Need royalty-free photos for your next project? Colorcinch covers it too. The app offers 1.5 million high-resolution stock pictures.

Also included are hundreds of beautiful borders, vector drawings, and icons. Colorcinch’s main drawback is offline support. Understandably, the programme requires a good internet connection.

Colorcinch provides a free version with rudimentary editing. Plus begins at $5.99/month.

ON1 Photo RAW

5 Best Adobe Photoshop alternatives for Mac in 2023

ON1 Photo RAW is a good Photoshop alternative if you desire full control over AI tools.

This app offers most Photoshop-like picture editing capabilities. Portrait editing, gifts, filters, efficient organization, and masking capabilities to express your creativity are standout features.

My main issue with ON1 Photo RAW is the complicated UI. New users will struggle with menus and options.

A 30-day free trial and $149.99 one-time price make ON1 Photo RAW good. Subscriptions cost $10 each month. However, a monthly membership is the main reason we searched for a Mac Adobe Photoshop replacement, right?

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5 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Mac in 2023. I use Pixelmator Pro on my MacBook Air and Affinity Photo on Windows. What about you? Which Photoshop alternative would you pick? Comment your ideas below.

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