How to Change default account for Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac {2024}

The Notes feature allows you to keep track of your thoughts and goals. If you wish to manage several accounts and sync data across devices, Change default account for Notes app in Apple’s Notes app.

Why should you set a default account for Apple Notes?

  • Easier access to your notes: If you choose a preferred notes account, all new notes will be saved in that account by default. logging into your account lets you access your notes from any device.
  • If you have multiple Apple Notes accounts, you may organize your notes anyway you see fit. Having separate accounts means you can keep your professional notes separate from your personal notes and your shared notes separate from both. It helps you store and find notes rapidly.
  • Safety of data: Setting a default Notes account will make a copy of your notes and store them in two different places. Having a backup will ease you if one account fails. You may access your Notes from a different device if your phone is lost or damaged.

Set Default Account for Notes on iPhone or iPad 2024

  • Launch iPhone Settings.
  • Scroll down to Notes.
  • Choose Default Account.
  • Select iCloud, Email, or On My iPhone.

How to Change default account for Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac {2024}

If the On My iPhone option is not shown in the Default Account section, enable it by accessing Settings, selecting Notes, and enabling the “On My iPhone” Account.

Set Default Account for Notes on Mac 2024

  • Open Notes.
  • Click Notes in the menu bar and select Settings from the list.
    Pressing Cmd + (,) will take you straight to the Notes app’s preferences.

How to Change default account for Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac {2024}

  • Click the default account dropdown.
  • Select an option: iCloud, Email, or My Mac.

How to Change default account for Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac {2024}

If On My Mac is not in the Default account menu, activate it: Go to Notes app settings and click the option next to Enable On My Mac account.


Q: Can I have many free Notes accounts on my iPhone or iPad?
A: No, you may only have one primary Notes account on your iPhone or iPad at a time.

Q: To what extent will my Notes be accessible once I switch accounts?
A: If you have shared notes via iCloud, they will stay in sync even if you switch to a different primary account.

Q: What happens to my existing notes if I switch my default account?
A: Your notes will remain in the same place even if you switch the app that launches by default on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Q: Can I move my notes from one account to another?
A: It was the fact that the Notes app on an iOS device allows you to transfer notes between accounts.

Wrapping up…

You did well changing Notes App’s default account. This note taking tool is simple and effective. Apple Notes’ broad introduction covers these and more.

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