5 Best calendar apps for Mac in 2023

Here’s the 5 Best calendar apps for Mac in 2023. Keeping things organised is best with a powerful calendar software. First thing I check is my daily schedule. All operating systems have a default calendar programme. However, they are simple. MacOS Apple Calendar is a decent calendar programme. The Mac App Store and Web include many rich third-party calendarf software for Mac. We chose the top 5 options.

Fantastical – Editor’s choice

5 Best calendar apps for Mac in 2023

Fantastical has the best Mac calendar interface. The animations are smooth and the experience is fast and responsive.

Fast event creation from the ‘+’ menu is my favourite Fantastical feature. Click Add in the menu bar and input ‘Marketing meeting at 2 PM’ to schedule.

construct a template from the additional event if you need to construct it again soon. You may compose an event with one click. Add Sports, TV, Finance, and more schedules? Fantastical also covers that. The app now supports all common third-party calendars.

Fantastical was once a one-time purchase, but the developers now charge monthly.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts from $4.99)

Microsoft Outlook‬ – Best for professionals

Outlook, known for email, hasn’t always had a good calendar add-on. The software giant bought Sunrise Calendar in 2015 and upgraded its default Calendar.

Users have unlimited event creation options. Location, Skype call, meeting notes, and more can be added to an event. Interesting calendars is my favourite Outlook add-on. Import schedules from famous TV channels and sports like Baseball, Tennis, Football, Cricket, Basketball, etc., like Fantastical. You must add them in Outlook iOS to see them in Outlook Mac.

Use the new Outlook for Mac software with pleasure. Close interaction with Sticky Notes and Microsoft To-Do will please Microsoft ecosystem users.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts from $69.99)

BusyCal – App with great customization options

5 Best calendar apps for Mac in 2023

BusyCal by SetApp is another amazing Mac calendar. Its main draw is better customization despite a UI like Apple Calendar.

You can customise it to display reminders, event details, or both. The app’s colour palette, typefaces, and secondary timezone can also be changed.

I also appreciate BusyCal’s availability panel. This lets you identify the next open place on your schedule, saving time. A separate menu bar lets you sort events by daily, weekly, monthly, or annually to find an appointment easily.

Sync your data with iCloud, Google, Yahoo, Fruux, Fastmail, Office 365, CalDAV, and Exchange.

It may be purchased with Setapp, a monthly subscription that unlocks other Setapp apps.

Price: Starts at $9.99/month (subscription with Setapp) or $49.99 for a Lifetime with a 30-day free trial and 18 months of updates.

Calendar 366 II – An extension to Apple Calendar

This is meant to enhance the Apple calendar, but it could replace it depending on your workflow. It’s comprehensive and lets you manage your dates with just one app. Viewing and adding appointments is easy. You can also display yearly, monthly, weekly, schedule, current day, etc.

Natural text input makes data entry easy, which is optimal. For instance, you can put “Meeting tomorrow, 11.00 am – 1 pm,” “Date night next Sunday 6 pm – at the new Mexican place,” or “time to read tomorrow.” This calendar will help you organise your life.

The menu bar may be customised, iCloud syncs data across devices, and Spotlight search makes finding what you need easy.

Calendar 366 II supports English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Polish, and Chinese.

Price: $14.99

Any.Do – Great for third-party app integration

5 Best calendar apps for Mac in 2023

Task management tool Any.Do has a great calendar add-on. I love Any.Do’s Mac app design. You can change themes and backgrounds.

You can add Notes, URL, location, and more to event data in any good calendar app. Third-party app integration makes the software shine. Any.Do supports 1500+ services, including Evernote, Trello, Slack, OneNote, and others.

The Zaps add-on is exciting. Pre-built automation services operate with third-party apps and Any.Do. You may add Evernote reminders to Any.Do. Neat, huh? Any.Do has almost 2000 Zaps.

Price: $2.99/month (When billed annually for the premium version)

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Many Mac users utilise the default Apple Calendar software. Always look out the competition that offers greater features for a price. Review the apps above and tell us the one you used in the comments.

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