Best typing apps for Mac in 2023

Here are the Best typing apps for Mac in 2023 for improving your typing abilities, regardless of age or profession. These programs provide you with a fantastic typing experience, and their customized lessons will help you become more productive and effective in no time.

Typing apps for Mac range from entertaining games to fully configurable keyboards. A decent typing program can help everyone, from students to professionals to hobbyists, type more quickly and correctly. Let’s examine the top typing applications so you can start typing like a pro right now.

iA Writer – Editor’s choice

This sophisticated text editor makes document creation, editing, and formatting simple and precise. Its characteristics simplify and speed up writing. This contains an easy typographic interface, powerful text formatting, and a distraction-free work environment.

Text analytics, document versioning and synchronisation, and Dropbox connectivity are also included in iA Writer. The app’s simple UI lets you write and modify fast.

From its simple document management system to its concentrate mode, iA Writer is the ultimate MacBook writing tool. This powerful tool helps writers, students, and professionals type quicker and better.

  • Pros
    • With light-on-dark mode
    • Documents can be exported in many formats.
    • Focus mode improves experience
  • Cons
    • Expensive

Price: $49.99

Typist – Ultimate tool

Best typing apps for Mac in 2023

Typist improves typing speed to make you more efficient. It may be used for practise or document generation and editing and supports all main word-processing file formats.

Typist shows how many words you type every minute to measure your progress. Customization options include autocorrect, key repetition speed to optimise responsiveness, text expansion for quicker typing, and text-to-speech for proofreading.

Multiple courses are available for each user category. Start practising with the T course. For individuals with some typing experience, choose course Q or S. Additionally, it offers interesting themes to customise your typing experience. Try it today to type quicker and better!

  • Pros
    • Best typing experience
    • No hidden fees
    • Supports several languages
  • Cons
    • A long time has passed without an update.

Price: Free

Type to Learn – The typing tutor

Type to Learn is instructional software that helps users type quicker and more accurately. This Mac typing app teaches speed and accuracy.

Users may establish objectives, measure progress, and track typing time with the program. It gives users feedback on their progress so they may improve their typing abilities.

Choose your desired text source and adjust your typing tempo. The app’s basic UI makes it easy to use.

  • Pros
    • Supported on several computers.
    • Pictures and charts.
    • Allows you to change the colors.
  • Cons
    • Updated every year.
    • It would have been better to use words per minute.

Price: Free

Animal Typing (Lite) – Fun way to type

Best typing apps for Mac in 2023

Animal Typing (Lite) offers fun and interactive typing courses for beginners and pros. All ages may utilise it. The game guides players through a simulated animal kingdom to teach typing. It contains 28 typing levels from beginner to expert to improve your abilities.

Animal animations will keep you motivated and interested during training. Track your progress and challenge yourself to improve accuracy and speed using this app.

The game also challenges players to type phrases rapidly, match pictures to words, and more. Mac users may learn typing using Animal Typing (Lite)’s pleasant colours and simple layout.

  • Pros
    • Typing-focused course
    • Supports advanced special character teachings
    • Customise finger typing zones
  • Cons
    • Screen freezes occasionally
    • Few courses are free.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $10.99)

Typing Fingers LT – Homeschooling app

Type Fingers LT is a typing software for 7–12-year-olds. It makes learning touch typing enjoyable and intuitive with typing workouts and games. Typing Fingers LT gives kids personalized feedback and progress reports to measure their development.

Its wide selection of typing workouts improves speed and accuracy by improving typing muscles and coordination. It also includes typing games to engage users with Dennis, the app’s instructor.

Dennis teaches right-finger keying for a better experience. The program also has an adjustable game speed, numerous difficulty levels, and a thorough scoring system to track progress and improve scores. The typing board and accompanying music may be customized.

  • Pros
    • Best homeschool typing tutor
    • Interactive 32-level
    • Integrated learning and play modes
  • Cons
    • For 29 levels, in-app purchases are required.
    • System errors may arise.
    • A few English grammar mistakes

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)

Master of Typing 3 – Touch-typing specialist

Best typing apps for Mac in 2023

The game is enjoyable and hard, and this program helps you practice touch typing. Fun, it teaches finger posture, rhythm, and typing speed. The software lets you customize classes and set levels for different ability levels.

It shows your buddies’ progress in competitive games. Master of Typing 3 helps anyone type faster and more accurately. The app offers thorough data and reports.

Try pre-loaded text formats or dictate text to practice. Multiple themes are available for your comfort, so don’t compromise. This thorough typing tool gives Mac users confidence in their typing accuracy and efficiency.

  • Pros
    • Dictation by AI
    • Supports several languages
    • Keyboard color schemes
    • Customise difficulty per preference
  • Cons
    • Most suitable for novices
      Missing words per minute attribute

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $12.99)

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In conclusion, the best Mac typing software will change from person to person according on their own preferences and needs. There are several great possibilities, each with its own pros and downsides, features, and sophistication.

Choose the app that suits you. The right software may make a huge difference in your typing efficiency, precision, and agility. Be sure to consider all your possibilities before choosing.

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