Best task management apps for Mac in 2023

Here’s the Best task management apps for Mac in 2023In our busy lives, organization is essential. Otherwise, we may forget them and let them damage our personal and professional life. This is where task management tools help. These tools help you stay on track and meet deadlines.
Which application is right for you in the sea of them? This list was researched and created to save you time. Read on!

Microsoft OneNote – Editor’s choice

As everyone knows, Microsoft takes productivity apps and services seriously. You may sense that immediately as you open OneNote. The app works on Android, Windows, and Apple devices. A bonus for 24/7 data access. The UI appears professional, yet you can use it for personal use. Since Microsoft OneNote is a notes program rather than a task organizer, it has several features.

Sections and pages can contain tables, photos, audio recordings, meeting details, and stickers. The features continue. To remain ahead and raise meeting questions, highlight must-read notes with To-Do tags. You may also sync notes to the cloud for anywhere access.

First-time users of Microsoft Office apps need time to adjust to the UI. The app is part of Microsoft 365, however some features are free.

  • Pros
    • Task-managing notes app
    • Can sync data between platforms
    • Include tables, photos, and audio.
    • Useful for productivity
  • Cons
    • UI takes time to adjust.
    • Need Microsoft 365 to enjoy full functionality.

Things 3 – Simple UI

Best task management apps for Mac in 2023

The simplistic UI of Things 3 was my initial impression. Additionally, Things 3 lets you build project-based tasks.

You can create projects and to-dos by ‘areas.’ You can make family or work-related tasks without projects. I loved that you can sync tasks to the Things cloud and access them from the Things 3 app. Things 3 supports iPhone and Apple Watch in addition to Mac.

All things hurt the Things app. The app is expensive, but it doesn’t require a subscription.

Still more! These tasks on iPhone and Apple Watch require the specific app. I think they should develop an Android or Windows app or a web app to make it more accessible.

Overall, Things 3 is a nice app to consider, and we’ve reviewed it in full, including its features, advantages, and downsides and if it’s worth the premium price.

  • Pros
    • Clean UI
    • Simple to grasp
    • Differentiates duties with ‘areas’
    • Sorts tasks by date.
  • Cons
    • Pricy
    • No web app
    • Different platform apps must be bought separately.

Todoist – Affordable alternative to Things 3

To use Todoist, I had to register the first time. If the app had given a free sample before requiring enrollment, I would have trusted it more. Thankfully, login was easy.

Its basic UI is comparable to Things 3, however its colour code is different. On Mac, the software lets you create priorities, send deadline reminders, use Siri, the today widget, and share tasks via email, like Things 3. The best part is that this program works on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and popular browser extensions to add websites as tasks.

Due to its subscription model, it costs less than Things 3. As expected, various platforms don’t cost individually. Additionally, the free edition contains enough capabilities for many users to skip Pro.

The unimaginative UI is the sole reason to rate it below Things 3. I will rank them higher if they innovate it.

  • Pros
    • Simplified UI
    • Syncs between platforms
    • Easily share tasks via email without paying for several platforms.
    • Has popular browser extensions
  • Cons
    • No original UI
    • Needs an account

TickTick – Track your habits and tasks

Best task management apps for Mac in 2023

Ticktick requires login, like Todoist. After login in using Apple ID, Google account, or email, a basic yet feature-packed UI appears. Despite having many capabilities, the UI is easy to use.

The free edition has a typical To-do list with current and scheduled 7-day tasks. To access a month’s activity, you must subscribe to Todoist’s free premium.

The tab tracks your behaviours, and the global search tool helps you complete your duties. TickTick also summarises and tracks your app tasks.

In addition to unlocking the calendar, TickTick Premium gives you extra themes, reminders, and tasks. TickTick works on all platforms including in Apple Watch, Gmail, and Outlook extensions.

  • Pros
    • User-friendly interface
    • Can retrieve task summary
    • Option to track habits
    • Available on many platforms
  • Cons
    • The free version lacks a calendar.

OmniFocus 3 – Lots of options

OmniFocus 3 requires registration before letting you use its capabilities. However, after logging in, you may try it for 14 days. I loved this program since you can pick where to save your info.

We can save data on our device or on the cloud. OmniFocus 3’s UI shows it’s serious about task management. It offers a simple UI and all the capabilities you need for a decent task management software.

Out of all those features, I appreciated that you could examine and evaluate app chores. Additionally, I enjoyed the ability to evaluate all projects.

As expected, you may only utilize these services during the trial period and must buy a subscription or lifetime package. Still, people should have options.

  • Pros
    • User-friendly UI
    • Choose data storage location
    • Assess allocated work efficiency.
    • Choice of lifetime or subscription plans
  • Cons
    • User account required.
    • Only 14-day free trial

2Do – Password protect tasks

Best task management apps for Mac in 2023

2Do requires an upfront payment. I wish the app had a trial before charging me considering it’s expensive. The creator updates the program sometimes, which is reassuring.

Dark mode and cross-platform data sync are also included. It would have been great if users could choose where to save data, like in Omnifocus 3.

The most notable feature of this program is task password protection. You may password-protect specific lists to keep outsiders out! You may also tag tasks, build location-based smart lists, and repeat activities. Good app overall!

  • Pros
    • Divide tasks into smaller pieces
    • Can sync data between platforms
    • Notes are supported.
    • Protect tasks with passwords
  • Cons
    • No trial.
    • Unable to pick data storage location

Structured – Beautiful task manager

Opening Structured, you may remark, “wow! it’s beautiful,” like I did. Structured’s gorgeous UI will make you enjoy task management more than any other tool on the list.

I loved how it organizes app tasks like a flowchart. You may also distinguish tasks by icon.

Structured isn’t available on all platforms, unlike other applications. Limited to iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Considering the price, the premium edition lacks sophisticated features like multiple tags, reviews, and a job summary for a certain period.

  • Pros
    • Elegant UI
    • Useful calendar
    • Use it without logging in Free plan offers sync option
    • Each job can have distinct icons.
  • Cons
    • Limited to Apple products
    • The premium plan might have included more sophisticated features.

Simplenote – A simple notes app

Best task management apps for Mac in 2023

Simplenote’s login is complicated. I wish app setup were easier. Signing in instantly backs up and syncs your notes online. I understand why the software requires registration!

Also, the app offers an easy UI. Simplenote is a note-taking tool that lets you add tasks. All done!

This minimalist software is perfect if you want something simple and clutter-free. This free program syncs data between operating systems.

  • Pros
    • Simple UI
    • A to-do note app
    • Available across platforms
  • Cons
    • Not for feature-hungry users.
    • No customization

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You don’t realize how much task management applications may boost productivity until you use one. I’ve listed the finest task management apps to boost productivity. Which app will you use? Comment below.

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