Best task management apps for Mac in {2024}

It’s important to stay organized in our hectic lives. If we don’t keep track of our task management apps, it is likely that we will forget them. This can have a negative impact on both our professional and personal lives. This is where task management applications come in. These apps allow you to track your tasks, and avoid missing deadlines.

Which application is right for you, amongst the many? This list was prepared to save you time. Continue reading!

Microsoft OneNote: Editor’s Choice

As we all know, Microsoft is passionate about productivity applications and services. When you open OneNote, you can immediately feel it. The software works perfectly on Android, Windows, and all Apple devices. This is an excellent feature for folks who wish to access their data at any time.

In terms of user interface, it appears to be intended for professional usage, yet it may also be used personally. Because Microsoft OneNote is more of a notes program than a task organizer, it is naturally full of features.

You can add audio recordings, stickers, tables, and images to sections and pages. These features are not limited. You can also highlight important notes and add To-Do tags so you can stay on top of things. You can also flag questions that need to be raised in the meeting. You can also sync notes to the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.

It takes some time to become familiar with the interface of any Microsoft Office application if it’s your first time using it. Microsoft 365 is required to use the app, but certain features are free.

Notes app that includes task management featuresUI takes time to get used to
Can synchronize data across many platformsFull functions require a Microsoft 365 subscription
Include tables, photos, and even audio recordings
Excellent for productivity

Price: Free. (In-app purchases begin at $69.99).


Things 3 – Simple UI

Best task management apps for Mac in {2024}

When I first opened Things 3, I was struck by its easy-to-use interface. Things 3 allows you to create tasks that are based on specific projects, in addition to creating individual to-dos.

You can create projects and tasks that are based around different areas. For example, you can create tasks for family events or work-related activities. It was great that I could sync my tasks with the Things cloud and then access them later through the Things 3 application. Things 3 is available on iPhone and Apple Watch.

All things do not work well with the Things app. Although the app is priced on the higher side, it does not lock you into a subscription.

You’re not done yet! To access these features on iPhone or Apple Watch, you will need to download the app. It would be nice if they had an Android app or Windows app. At the very least, a web-based app.

We have done an in-depth review of Things 3 where we discussed all its features, pros and cons, and answered whether it’s worth paying the premium price.

UI is cleanPricy
Easy to comprehendNo web app
Has ‘areas’ for differentiating jobsSeparate purchases are required for applications on various platforms
Sorts your tasks according to dates

Price: $49.99


Todoist: An affordable alternative to Things 3

Todoist asked me to create an account the first time I used the app. I would have been more confident if the app had offered a trial period before signing up. The login process was easy.

It has a similar UI to Things 3 except that the color scheme is different. The app is similar to Things 3 in that it allows you set priorities, send reminders for deadlines, use Siri and the Today widget on Mac, as well as share tasks via email.

This app can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Windows. It is also available as a browser extension that allows you to add web pages as tasks.

It’s cheaper than Things 3 because it is available as a subscription. As expected, there is no need to pay for each platform separately. The free version is so full of features that most users will not even upgrade to Pro.

Its unoriginal interface is the only reason I’m ranking it below Things 3. If they ever innovate it, I will rank them higher.

Simple and easy UIThere is no original UI
Can synchronize between platformsNeeds an account
Share tasks via email
There is no need to pay for several platforms
Includes extensions for common browsers

Price: free (subscriptions begin at $4.99 per month).


TickTick: Track your habits and tasks

Best task management apps for Mac in {2024}

Like Todoist you need to log in before using Ticktick. You will see a minimalistic yet feature-packed interface after logging in using your Apple ID, Google Account, or any email. The overall UI is easy to navigate and offers multiple features.

You will have the standard To-Do list in the free version. This allows you to navigate between the current week and the next seven days. If you want to see the entire month of activities, Todoist offers a free upgrade to Premium.

There is also a tab for tracking your habits, and a search function to help you complete all your tasks. TickTick shows you a summary of the tasks that you’ve assigned and allows tracking their progress.

The premium version will unlock the calendar and give you access to more themes, reminders and tasks. TickTick works on all platforms, including Apple Watch Gmail and Outlook add-ons.

UI is easy to graspThe free edition lacks certain fundamental features, such as the calendar
Can obtain a summary of tasks
Habit tracker option
Available on several platforms

Price: free (subscriptions begin at $3.99 per month).


OmniFocus 3 – Many choices

OmniFocus 3 asks you to first create an account in order to use the app’s features. After the initial login you’ll get a 14 day trial to test it out. This app allows you to select where your data is stored.

You can either store your data on the device or in the cloud. From the UI, it is clear that OmniFocus3 takes task management seriously. The app has all of the features needed for a great project management tool, and it’s easy to use.

Amongst all these features, I really liked that you could review the tasks in the app to make an evaluation. A feature that allows you to review all your projects was also a favorite.

You can use these features only until the trial period. After that, you will need to purchase either a subscription or a lifetime plan. It’s still good to offer users the option.

User-friendly interfaceNeeds a user account
Option to select where to store dataJust a 14-day free trial
Evaluate the efficiency of the tasks assigned
Can select either lifetime or subscription plans

Price: Free (In-app purchases begin at $9.99).


2Do – Password protection for tasks

Best task management apps for Mac in {2024}

2Do is an app that requires you to pay up front to use it. There should have been an option to try the app before paying for it, since it is quite expensive. The app is updated every so often, which I find to be reassuring.

Also, you can sync your data between devices and platforms and use dark mode. It would have been nice if the users had the option to choose where data is stored, as I did in Omnifocus 3.

The most important feature of the app is the ability to password protect the tasks. You can lock individual lists with passwords to stop others from looking in! You can also tag the tasks, create smart list based on location, and repeat the action. It’s a good app.

Divide the tasks into smaller onesThere’s no trial period
Can synchronize data across many platformsThere is no option to pick where to store data
Also offers support to add notes
Password-protect your tasks

Price: $49.99


Structured – Beautiful task management

When you first open Structured, the first thing that may come to your mind is “Wow!” It’s gorgeous, or at least I thought so. Structured, among all the apps in the list will make you fall for task management due to its beautiful interface.

It was nice to see how the app arranged the tasks in a flowchart format. You can use different icons to differentiate tasks.

Structured, unlike the other apps in this list, is not available on all platforms. The app is only available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The premium version is also lacking many advanced features, such as reviews, multiple tags or a summary for a specific period.

Beautiful user interfacelimited to Apple products
Good calendar plannerThe premium package may have included more sophisticated features
You may use it without logging in
Sync feature for free plan
Can use several icons for each activity

Price: Free (lifetime plan for $29.99).


Simplenote – A basic notes app

Best task management apps for Mac in {2024}

The login process for Simplenote is both time-consuming and complicated. I wish it was as easy to get started with the app. Signing in, however, ensures that your notes are instantly backed up and synced online. So I see why the app requires sign-up!

In addition, the program includes a clear and straightforward user interface. If you didn’t notice the name, Simplenote is a “notes” program that allows you to add tasks. And that’s it!

The app is simple, and if you want something uncomplicated and clutter-free, I believe this is the one. It is free and allows you to sync your data across many operating systems.

Simple user interfaceNot for folks who expect plenty of features
A note-taking software with to-do featuresThere are no customization options
Available across several platforms

Price: Free


Ending the conversation

Until you use a task management tool, you have no idea how much they may affect your productivity. With this list, I attempted to show you the finest task management tool for increasing your productivity. Which app are you intending on using? Please share in the comments below.

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