How to change Spotify language setting on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Spotify language setting is a well-known service for listening to music. It has a big library of songs in several languages. Furthermore, the authors let users to use the application in their native language. Yes, you read that right. This guide will show you how to change Spotify’s language on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Why you should change Spotify’s language

If you don’t know much about language or are learning a new one, changing the language on Spotify is a dream come true. Let’s look at how this trick can make your singing journey better:

  • You can use your chosen Spotify language setting to find your way around and learn more about the site.
  • It improves the overall user experience by helping you figure out how to use various feature settings and choices.
  • Listening to songs in a Spotify language setting helps you understand the culture and learn new words.

How to change the language on an iPhone or iPad that uses Spotify

  • Launch Spotify on your iPhone. Tap the gear button and choose Languages.
  • Touch Add Spotify language setting and then continue. You will now access the iPhone settings where you can change the language of the application.
  • Select the language you want to use by clicking Language. I have chosen Spanish.
  • Force close the Spotify app and launch it again.
How to change Spotify language setting on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Spotify lets you change the language of songs

  • Launch Spotify click the Settings button Choose Languages.
  • Tap Music Languages.
  • Now you can choose the languages you want to use.
How to change Spotify language setting on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

How to change the language of Spotify on a Mac

  • You can use Spotify on a Mac.
  • After clicking on your name, click on Settings.
  • Choose any of the languages that are offered.
  • When asked click Restart App.
  • Changes will be made as the page is updated.
How to change Spotify language setting on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Note: This is the same process for the Spotify language setting app in your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q): What will happen to my music files and sets if I change my language settings?

A): No changing the language of the Spotify app will not affect your song library or playlists in any way. Change the music language options to get a mix of songs in a different language.

Q): What languages can I use to listen to music on Spotify?

A): Spotify has many different languages. But access may depend on where your device is.

Q): If I change the language options on Spotify will the search results or recommendations change?

A): If you change the app’s Spotify language setting options it won’t change the search results or suggestions. But if you add a new music language option the ideas will be based on how you listen to music.


Changing messages on Spotify is easy and only takes a few minutes. The Service can be used by all users in multiple languages. To listen to songs in your preferred language, change the language of your app and follow the steps below.

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