How to change screen resolution on Mac {2024}

How often have you found yourself asking, “How do I change screen resolution goal on my Mac?” A common problem for some, but we have you covered. In this post, we’ll go over the ins and outs of altering the screen resolution on your Mac. So strap in for a short resolution revolution on how to alter screen resolution on Mac.

How to Change the Screen Resolution of Built-in Display on Mac?

The thrill of obtaining another Mac is unparalleled. Regardless, getting acquainted with its regular tendencies, particularly for first-time users, may be a struggle. The screen aim is an important factor in determining the user experience. At any moment, I found myself wondering, ‘How can I adjust the screen objective of the underlying presentation on my Mac?’ This post intends to provide a comprehensive yet simple guide for altering your Mac’s screen goal to your preference. You will surely have a nice Mac experience with optimal vision if you do so.

How to change screen resolution on Mac {2024}

A Quick Guide to Changing Screen Resolution on Your Mac

Follow the steps below to swiftly adjust the screen resolution of your Mac:

  • Start by clicking the Apple menu on your Mac’s screen.
  • From the dropdown, select “System Inclinations“.
  • In the System Inclinations box, select “Showcases“.
  • At the most elevated mark of the ‘Display‘ page, you’ll see two decisions ‘Display‘ and ‘Variety‘. Select ‘Display‘.
  • Under ‘Display‘, you’ll track down the ‘Goal‘ choice.
  • Here, you’ll find two options- ‘Default for display’, which is the pre-set resolution, and ‘Scaled‘, which allows you to manually adjust the resolution.
  • Click ‘Scaled‘ to manually select the resolution that suits your eyes best. You now have a redefined viewing experience on your Mac!

How to change screen resolution on Mac {2024}

Understanding Screen Resolutions and its Impact

Screen resolution may appear to be a trivial element, yet it has a huge impact on your user experience. You may improve readability, point-by-point perspective, and overall visual comfort by enhancing the screening aim. In reality, you may discover that certain apps and ideas appear better with specified screen goals.

Interested in further customizing your screen?

Changing your screen resolution is only the first step. Your Mac has a plethora of different customizing choices. Keep in mind that optimizing the screen resolution of your Mac’s built-in display gives a visually satisfying experience.

Changing the screen resolution on Mac creates a customized and enhanced user experience. This simple guide will allow you to enjoy a constant drive while exploring your Mac in great visibility.

How to set custom resolutions for external displays on Mac?

Working with a Mac has several advantages, one of which is the ability to define custom objectives on external displays. This is actually tailored to your current, adaptable work and leisure routines. Overall, you might be asking how to establish unique objectives for outside shows on a Mac. Continue reading for a detailed tutorial!

How to set custom resolutions for external displays on Mac?

Whether it’s about making the most of your widescreen monitor or wanting larger text for easy viewing, managing the screen resolution is a walk in the park on Mac.

Step 1: Connect External Display

As a matter of some importance, guarantee your outside display is associated with your Mac via the right links. You might need an adapter depending upon your Mac model and the display.

How to change screen resolution on Mac {2024}

Step 2: Head over to ‘Systems Preferences’

Once the monitor is connected, click on the Apple menu, followed by ‘System Preferences‘ then ‘Displays‘.

Step 3: Venture into ‘Display’ Options

In the ‘Display‘ tab under ‘Display Properties‘, you’ll find the standard screen resolutions. Do these options seem enough?

How to change screen resolution on Mac {2024}

Step 4: Activate ‘Scaled’ Option

If not, don’t fret. Simply bypassing the predefined options is a breeze. Select the ‘Scaled‘ option to reveal more resolutions.

Step 5: Choose a Custom Resolution

Select a resolution that caters to your needs. Remember, higher resolutions will feature smaller text and visuals on the screen. Voila! You should now have a screen resolution suitable to your needs.

How to change screen resolution on Mac {2024}

Why Should You Tweak Screen Resolution?

Tweaking the screen resolution offers a better viewing experience, optimal for different tasks. A higher resolution is often preferred for graphic design, video editing, and gaming, while lower resolutions suit everyday tasks.

Are there any caveats to setting custom resolutions?

While customizing screen resolution enhances the interface and overall user experience, it can potentially strain your Mac’s GPU. Hence, consider the potential implications of your desired resolution.


These procedures make custom resolutions for external monitors on a Mac straightforward, easy, and intuitive. Customize as much as you like and increase the point of engagement on your Mac for a better visual experience.

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