How to clear Chrome cache on Mac in 6 Easy steps {2023}

You might be aware that the storage on your Mac keeps growing and taking up more and more room if you use Google clear Chrome cache every day. These files must be deleted often to keep your computer working efficiently and your data secure. Mac users may delete Chrome history, cache, and cookies using this instructions. Now let’s begin.

The importance of cleaning Mac cache, history, and cookies

Your browser’s cache, data, and cookies should be cleared out on a frequent basis. Chrome will take up less space on your computer if you make it the default browser.

Before starting, you need know the terminology.

  • Cache: The memory that stores things that have been viewed before, like web pages, pictures, and online streaming services. This information is saved directly in your browser’s memory, which makes it work less quickly.
  • History: Use it as a journal to record your actions. Your internet activity history may be important, but it changes constantly. Many sensitive details are in your computer data, which is detrimental for privacy.
  • Cookies: The name implies that cookies monitor user behaviour on websites. It has important data in it, like your login information, preferences, and a lot more. Cookies make the experience more personal, but they also have tracking information on them.

Remember that these files are transitory and won’t affect your browsing. Instead, getting rid of this temporary data will make ID theft less likely and protect you from cyberattacks.

How to clear Chrome’s history, cache, and cookies on a Mac

  • Start up Google Chrome on your Mac → To get to the browser bar, click the three dots in a row.
  • Click on History → To move on, press History.
    You may examine your computer history by hitting CMD + Y.

How to clear Chrome cache on Mac in 6 Easy steps {2023}

  • After that, click Clear Browsing Data and wait for the system to get ready.

How to clear Chrome cache on Mac in 6 Easy steps {2023}

  • A little option on your screen allows you remove your browser’s Cache, History, and Cookies.
  • Google Chrome lets you pick out the things you want to get rid of.

How to clear Chrome cache on Mac in 6 Easy steps {2023}

  • For ease, specify a time period and hit Clear Data when finished.

How to clear Chrome cache on Mac in 6 Easy steps {2023}

Your web browser will clear Chrome cache all stored data in seconds.

Advanced Mac Chrome data deletion options

You can switch to the Advanced choice feature once you get to the screen for Clearing browser data. Making changes to the features on a much bigger scale is now possible. More info on the same thing:

How to clear Chrome cache on Mac in 6 Easy steps {2023}

  • Time range: Select a deletion time from the drop-down menu.
  • Browsing past: This tool shows your search past broken down by the things you do every day.
  • Download History: It keeps track of the files and papers you’ve downloaded in the past.
  • Cookies and other site data: It stores your website settings and keeps track of your online activity through cookies..
  • Picture and file caches: These let you surf the web quickly and easily. Chrome saves the searches you make on the web on your Mac.
  • Passwords and other sign-in information: Chrome may save your passwords and login information if you let it to easily access the same websites.
  • Auto-fill form data: If you’ve ever filled out information like your name and address in a web browser, Chrome can remember that and use it in the future. Settings allow you to edit these details.
  • Site settings: Permission-required websites, such as those that keep your location and contacts, preserve your settings. This prevents these notifications from appearing on the website again.
  • Hosted app data: This contains Chrome web shop third-party add-on information.

You can make a choice based on all of the above factors thanks to Chrome’s smart features for clearing out data. Choose which ones to remove and hit “Clear Data” to complete.


If I clear my browser’s cache, history, and cookies, will my saved passwords be lost?
Clearing your cache, history, and cookies removes your stored passwords.

If I clear my Chrome cache, history, and cookies, will that change what sites I’ve visited on other devices?
No, clearing your Mac’s cache, history, and cookies will only change your viewing data on that one device. It won’t change the sites you’ve visited on other devices.

If I clear my Chrome history, cache, and cookies, will my tabs be lost?
Clearing cache, history, and cookies won’t lose bookmarks. Your bookmarks will remain the same since they are independent from your viewing data.

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Have fun looking!

You can easily clean Chrome’s cache, history, and cookies. Follow the steps above to protect your private data. Don’t forget to do this task on a regular basis to keep your browser running easily and avoid privacy problems.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If so, please share your thoughts below.

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