MacBook Pro touch bar not working? 5 Ways to fix it! in {2023}

Not everyone uses the touch bar on their MacBook, but it may be useful whether working in programmes, playing games, or studying. It works then.

Numerous issues could be causing the touch bar on your MacBook Pro to stop working. Reasons like these can lead to fixes like restarting the computer or going to the Apple Store. Do not worry—we will help you find and repair the problem.

Where is the problem with my MacBook Pro touch bar?

Our last conversation touched on a few possible reasons why your Mac’s touch bar stopped working, keeps freezing, or won’t reply to your touch.

The most popular offenders are:

  • Short-term software errors
  • Problematic or very resource-intensive apps
  • Outdated macOS
  • Setups that make it look like it’s broken
  • Hardware problems

Notes: It’s worth noting that some Mac users have had issues with their touch bars when they use them in hot places for long amounts of time. Visit this link to learn how to fix a Mac that is too hot if this sounds like you.

This article will show you exact ways to fix your touch bar not working problem. Still, let’s start with a brief advice that might assist.

How to refresh touch bar on MacBook Pro

Follow these instructions to update your MacBook Pro touch bar not working fast. This all-around fix might be all you need to get your Mac running again.

  • You can use Spotlight Search or go to ApplicationsUtilities to open the Terminal.
  • Type the following code into the box: pkill TouchBarServer with sudo

MacBook Pro touch bar not working? 5 Ways to fix it! in {2023}

Note: Type your password into the Terminal and press Enter if it asks for it. That’s okay; the characters of your password won’t show up on the screen as you type.

That concludes it. If you pay close attention, you should see the touch bar go off and on as it starts up again. “If restarting your touch bar didn’t help, it’s time to look at more specific options.

MacBook touch bar not working? 5 Best Solutions

Restart your MacBook

It’s back! The tried-and-true answer we all love is back. To restart your MacBook, click the Apple symbol in the top left corner and choose Restart. and being sure with Restart.

The touch bar probably just needs to be restarted most of the time. You’re good if it works properly. If not, starting your Mac in Recovery Mode might help fix the touch bar.

Reset touch bar/control strip

The Terminal isn’t the only way to restart your touch bar. You can also use Activity Monitor.

Try to find the TouchBarServer and stop it. To be sure, press “Quit.” TouchBarServer might not show up right away, but it will be there when you look at the list of CPU tasks.

MacBook Pro touch bar not working? 5 Ways to fix it! in {2023}

Then, use the same steps to reset the Control Strip: search and stop. This can also fix the Touch ID on your MacBook Pro if it’s not working right.

If asked, enter your password, and then try out the new touch bar. Don’t panic if it fails again—there are other options.

Check your settings

If your touch bar still doesn’t function, you may have a more specific issue after checking for software problems and applications. Please check your settings.

Open System Preferences and click on Keyboard. Make sure App Controls is chosen from the drop-down menu under Touch Bar Shows. Make sure that Show Control Strip is also turned on.

MacBook Pro touch bar not working? 5 Ways to fix it! in {2023}

It’s time to check your macOS version if your settings are accurate.

Update macOS to the latest version

Updates for macOS fix bugs and make it easier to use internal features like the touch bar. Making sure you have the newest Apple software is the only way to be sure that old software isn’t the problem with your touch bar.

Go to System Preferences and then click on Software Update. If there is one, you should install it.

MacBook Pro touch bar not working? 5 Ways to fix it! in {2023}

If not, restart your SMC and NVRAM/PRAM next.

Reset the SMC and NVRAM/PRAM on your Mac

How to reset your Mac’s SMC

Numerous tasks are managed by your Mac’s SMC, which stands for “System Management Controller.” If restarting your MacBook didn’t help, changing the resetting your Mac’s SMC might.

The advice in this article does not work for M1 chip Macs because they do not have SMCs.

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How to reset your Mac’s NVRAM/PRAM

More in-depth than restarting your MacBook, resetting your Mac’s NVRAM and PRAM is like restarting the SMC. This might work if nothing else has.

If your touch bar works, then you’re done with your problems.

Contact with Apple Support

There may come a time when you have to meet with Apple Support because you have tried everything else. It’s likely that you have a technology problem or a rare issue that only an Apple expert can help you figure out.

Have any of our ideas helped you? If your MacBook’s touch bar still doesn’t function, please remark. Helping you is our goal.

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