How to compress a PDF on Mac

The Web would look different without search engines. Search engines make it easier to find information quickly compress a PDF on Mac. Safari searches Google on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Safari settings can be changed if you want to use a different engine. Continue reading to learn how. Here’s how to compress a PDF on Mac.

Built-in Mac PDF compression tools

Mac has built-in utilities that can reduce the PDF size manually. Learn how to reduce the size of your PDF files by optimizing them.

Use Preview to reduce PDF file size

  • Launch preview, and to load compressed PDF. ( Right click and select “open with,” then select “preview“.
  • Select Export from the File menu. (Do not choose PDF export.)

How to compress a PDF on Mac

  • Type in the export name and location.
  • Select Minimize File Size from the pull-down option next to the Quartz Filter.

How to compress a PDF on Mac

  • Pick the Save option.

How to compress a PDF on Mac

Congratulations! Your PDF has been successfully compressed and saved to a location of your choosing on your Mac.

Shortcut program on Mac shrinks PDF

  • By clicking the Get Shortcut link, you may quickly access Optimize PDF File Size.
  • Select New Shortcut. If asked again, choose Add Shortcut.
  • Use Spotlight Search (Command + Space) to open the Shortcut app.
  • Go there and click Play to reduce a PDF.

How to compress a PDF on Mac

  • Select PDF > Open > Open. Multiple PDFs can be compressed at once.

How to compress a PDF on Mac

  • Get rid of the app.

Go back to the original location of the PDF file to see the compressed version.

Third-party apps to compress PDF

Mac users can find programs that reduce PDF file size while maintaining quality. Online software can temporarily compress PDF files; some is free, while others is costly. The most popular applications are shown below.
  • PDF Squeezer
  • PDF Expert
  • PDF Element

Free online PDF compressor tools

Web tools are another simple approach to reduce PDFs. See below for a selection of the finest free PDF shrinking websites.
  • I Love PDF
  • PDF Compressor
  • Small PDF
  • PDF 2 Go
  • Adobe Acrobat


Q: How do I change PDF to Word?

A: Macs’ built-in features, websites, and online apps can all convert PDFs to Word files. Discover more in our article on how to convert a PDF to Word on a Mac.

Q: How do I put PDFs together?

A: Preview on a Mac is one of the easiest ways to join two PDF files together. To see how to do it, read how to merge PDFs on Mac.

Q: How do I get rid of passwords on PDF files?

A: PDFs containing private information must be password protected. Having too many PDFs might be a curse. Follow these steps to open a Mac PDF without a password.

Q: How can I change a PDF file?

A: Soda PDF is the finest way to alter PDF files on your Mac. The program allows you to convert, edit, and create PDF files online all in one spot.

Q: You have anything?

A: Apple’s built-in Text Editor can reduce PDFs, but I didn’t use it since it was too complicated.

So long! These are the quickest and simplest PDF reducing methods. You can select your preferred approach or try them all.

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