How to tag someone in Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac {2024}

In this article, I’ll show you how to tag someone in Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Notes is a great app because you can make lists, take notes, and write down your thoughts. The app has a tagging feature that allows you to easily pin a person or group to bring important information to their attention.

Important things to remember:

Everyone who wants to participate must have an iPhone running iOS 16 or higher or a Mac running Ventura or higher.

Tag someone on iPhone or iPad using Notes 2024

Imagine that you are working on a project with colleagues or creating a schedule for your family. By tagging the relevant section in Notes, you can ensure the recipient pays more attention to it. All participants will be informed about any changes.

It is a great way to disperse. Do these things to add a person’s name to a message. Before we begin, you must share the notes on your iPhone with the person who you wish to speak to.

  • To see the shared folders, open the Notes application and select File -> Shared.
  • Click on the link that corresponds with the message.
  • Use the ” @ ” symbol after their name to ” Tag ” someone.
  • Done saves your changes immediately.

How to tag someone in Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac {2024}

The person who has been tagged with the note will be notified of any updates.

Tag someone in the Notes app for Mac 2024

  • Start Notes from your MAC.
  • Tap the icon and three dots after moving your mouse to the location you wish to share.
  • Click on Share Folder.
  • Modify the permissions according to your needs.
  • Select a Shape on the Share Sheet. Press ” Share.”
  • Enter the name of the person or their email address. (AppleID). – Send a message.
  • You can then tag the recipient after the user has agreed.
  • Select a note in the shared folder. When you type @, and write the name it will appear as underlined.

How to tag someone in Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac {2024}

This person will receive a notification whenever the note changes.

Questions & Answers (Q/A)

Q: Can I tag only a specific number of people on a note?
A: You can use Apple Notes to tag as many people in a single letter as you like.

Q. How can I remove people from a group note?
A: Locate the file you wish to share, and click Manage Shared Folder. You can remove the person from the list or stop the sharing of the note. This website explains how you can do the same.

Wrap it up…

Tag photos and documents in the Notes application to make it easier to work together and find important information. Tag someone with ease, whether you are using an iPhone or iPad.

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