Apple to begin trade-in for older Macs hinting new Macs at WWDC: Gurman

Even though Apple’s WWDC is a week away, word is spreading online. In spite of Apple’s recent statement, the event is not expected to have any big hardware releases other than the highly awaited AR/VR gadget.

Apple will start taking trade-ins of three new Mac models, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. That the trade-ins will start on June 5, the same day that Apple holds its trade-in for older Macs hinting new Macs at WWDC event, makes this even more interesting.

Will there be new Macs at WWDC?

Apple to begin trade-in for older Macs hinting new Macs at WWDC: Gurman

Gurman tweeted that Apple would soon accept trade-ins for the Mac Studio, 13-inch MacBook Air, and 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 chips.

“On June 5, the same day as WWDC, Apple will begin taking trade-ins of the Mac Studio, 13-inch M2 MacBook Air, and 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro. You can read that in any way you want. “New Macs will be at WWDC,” Gurman wrote.

Gurman thinks Apple is building a 15-inch MacBook Air, a new 13-inch MacBook Air, a basic 13-inch MacBook Pro, a 24-inch iMac, a MacBook Pro with high-end Apple silicon, and the first Mac Pro with an Apple CPU

Gurman says that the types listed above will come out this year or early next year.

Two additional Mac Studio models are being developed, but their release date is unknown.

Some new machines will be showcased at trade-in for older Macs hinting new Macs at WWDC, I’ve been informed. But there’s a big catch: the models that come out in June probably won’t have any big new M3 chips. Instead, they’ll use something like the M2 computers that are already out there, writes Gurman.

Developer logs that show a new MacBook Air with a bigger screen back up what he says. The MacBook Air has an eight-core CPU (four high-performance and four economy cores), 10-core graphics processor, and 8GB RAM, according to rumours.

However, Gurman says that Apple will not show off new MacBooks with new M3 chips at WWDC. Instead, he says that the new models will be “in line with the current M2 processors.”

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Apple hopes that selling more MacBooks will help its business. Apple shipped 40% more Macs and earned $7.2 billion, down from $10.4 billion, previous quarter.

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