4 Ways to recover deleted files from emptied trash on Mac

Here are 4 Ways to recover deleted files from emptied trash on Mac. Anyone can accidentally remove files. If you accidentally erased important files, check Mac trash to see if you can retrieve them. Do not worry—we will offer several ways to recover deleted files from empty Mac trash and restore data.

Can I restore Mac trash deleted files?

Permanently removing data, emptying the recycle bin or Trash, and accidentally deleting files are the three main types of file deletion. Certain Mac utilities in the following section can restore deleted data without extra software.

You may also require Tenorshare 4DDiG to recover Mac trashed items. This great data recovery program can recover macOS Ventura Trash, permanently deleted items, and trash-wiped files.

Rescue macOS Ventura garbage mistakenly emptied

Here are some of the quickest and most straightforward ways to recover macOS Ventura trashed files.

Use Time Machine

Backup media may allow you to retrieve deleted items from the Trash bin if you regularly back up your Mac. In this circumstance, a backup with lost data is crucial.

Your Mac comes with Time Machine, a backup and recovery program. Recover garbage from Time Machine backups using the method.

  • Connect Mac to Time Machine backup media.
  • Open Finder and navigate to Trash. You should also check the directories where the files were before throwing them away.
  • Use Time Machine to find what you deleted.
  • Select the items to restore and click Restore.

4 Ways to recover deleted files from emptied trash on Mac

Recover garbage with iCloud backup

  • Sign in at iCloud.com.
  • Click gear to enter iCloud Settings web app.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Restore Files.
  • Choose the recently deleted files to recover and click Restore.

4 Ways to recover deleted files from emptied trash on Mac

Tenorshare 4DDiG recovers macOS Ventura garbage files.

A deleted file stays on the hard disc until another is placed there. But reliable Mac data recovery software can readily recover deleted garbage. Tenorshare 4DDiG Mac data recovery is used here.

  • After installation, run 4DDiG-Mac and pick your local discs to start Mac data recovery.
  • A little “Scan” symbol will appear in the right corner of the screen when you hover over the area to scan.
  • Click Scan to check for missing files.
  • Searching for deleted data takes time. After the scan, you may select file kinds and see more data.
  • Select a location to save the recovered data after clicking Recover. Saving restored data to the lost partition is not recommended.

4 Ways to recover deleted files from emptied trash on Mac

Download Tenorshare 4DDiG Mac Data Recovery and watch the video to recover lost data from emptied trash on Mac.

Terminal recovers deleted files from trash

  • Open Spotlight on your Mac. Find and run Terminal.
  • Enter cd. Trash and return.
  • Type “ls -al ~/” next.Trash and return.
  • Using mv xxx../, transfer the file to your chosen destination.
  • Named xxx, this file was destroyed.


Q: After emptying trash, can data be recovered?
A: You can restore such files with macOS data recovery software.

Q: How to examine Mac external drive trash deleted files?
A: Open the Finder. Select Go to FolderType from the Finder’s Go menu. Enter trash as the route. Now you can see deleted Mac external drive files.

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If you mistakenly destroy data on your Mac, go to the Trash and retrieve it immediately. We hope these answers solve your problems. Leave any questions in the comments.

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