macOS Sonoma desktop widgets not working? 11 ways to fix! WRITTEN

Here’s macOS Sonoma desktop widgets not working? 11 ways to fix! WRITTEN. Are your Sonoma desktop widgets not functioning, preventing you from decorating your Mac? You’re not alone. The beauty of customization may often provide obstacles. Do not worry! I’ll explain macOS Sonoma desktop widgets not working and how to repair it easily.

Check device compatibility

It may seem foolish, but ensure sure your device supports the latest OS features. Even if their devices didn’t operate, macOS Sonoma users had a significant problem with this.

Be sure you have one of these:

  • Mac (2019 or later)
  • iMac Pro (2017)
  • MacBook Air (2018 or later)
  • MacBook Pro (2018 or later)
  • Mac Mini (2018 or later)
  • Mac Studio (2022 or later)
  • Mac Pro (2019 or later)

Allow location access to specific widgets

The widget you’re trying to pin to your desktop may need real-time location access. If you don’t allow location permission, your Mac’s widgets will be blank.

  • Click the Apple logoSystem Settings.
  • Go to Privacy and Security.
  • Proceed by clicking Location Services.
  • Turn on Location Services and the app’s widget-not-updating option. It may be disabled and reactivated again to refresh settings.

macOS Sonoma desktop widgets not working? 11 ways to fix! WRITTEN

Ensure internet connectivity

If desktop widgets are stuck or slowly loading app data, check your internet connection. Weather and mail widgets on Macs need Wi-Fi to load real-time data. Make sure your Mac’s Wi-Fi works.

Remove and add widgets again

Your favourite widgets may be stuck loading due to a system problem. Before doing any sophisticated debugging, remove the widget from your desktop and add it again from Edit.

  • Right-click or double-click the desktop widget.
  • Click Remove Widget when requested.
  • Double-click or right-click anywhere on your desktop home screen to open the Content Menu.
  • Select Edit Widgets.
  • Choose the widget to restore and click Done.

macOS Sonoma desktop widgets not working? 11 ways to fix! WRITTEN

Set default widget settings and erase existing settings. You may tweak settings and preferences before adding it to your macOS Sonoma desktop screen.

Allow your Mac to use iPhone widgets

You have the right rights if iPhone widgets don’t work on macOS Sonoma. Check the app’s macOS compatibility. Simply,

  • Click the Apple logo to access System Settings.
  • Go to Desktop & Dock. Enable iPhone Widgets.

If widgets aren’t showing up on your Mac, check the On Desktop box next to Show Widgets.
To integrate your iPhone and Mac’s widget system, you may need to put your iPhone near your Mac or connect them to the same Wi-Fi. You may also delete and reinstall broken iPhone applications to restart.

Disable Low Power Mode

Turning off Low Power Mode on your Mac may fix Sonoma desktop widgets not responding. Low Power Mode restricts functionality to save battery life.

  • Go to System Settings > Battery.
  • Check the Low Power Mode drop-down.
  • Select Never to finish.

macOS Sonoma desktop widgets not working? 11 ways to fix! WRITTEN

This will make Mac desktop widgets operate flawlessly. After making these modifications, reboot the machine for safety.

Reset Notification Center

MacOS Sonoma desktop widgets not working? There’s an easy cure. Resetting the Notification Center and removing desktop notifications may help.

  • Mac Spotlight is accessed via CMD + Space.
  • Use Terminal to continue.
  • Paste defaults remove; killall NotificationCenter.
  • Run the program using Return.
  • Click Allow if asked.
  • This quickly resets your Mac’s Notification Center.

After a fast reboot, your macOS Sonoma desktop widgets should work again.

Force quit widgets

If widgets keep crashing or not loading, let’s investigate. Forcefully quitting widget apps from Activity Monitor may fix this. Follow these procedures to comply:

Desktop widgets should refresh and work again after this operation.

Update all widget apps

Warning for those who want a simple solution to desktop widgets not working on macOS Sonoma.
Update all system applications first. The newest apps have bug fixes and compatibility improvements. For this,

  • Visit the App Store and choose Updates.
  • Click and run any updates.

macOS Sonoma desktop widgets not working? 11 ways to fix! WRITTEN

Check for macOS Sonoma software updates, which may fix widget difficulties.
These procedures should fix macOS Sonoma desktop widget compatibility problems.

Remove and reinstall the apps

As we conclude, one additional method can help you with any underlying issue. Just kill and resurrect. Third-party widget apps benefit from this.
If third-party applications are interfering with widget operation, try deactivating them to see if that fixes it.
Macs often display blank widgets. Remove and reinstall the widget-related applications. This may fix all app issues and restart the widget.

Restart your Mac

Finally, this golden solution is nearly ideal. If nothing works and the desktop widgets are still problematic, restart. This may fix small flaws that are affecting system performance.
You may also reset the system to enhance this solution. Starting again may also fix widget issues.


  • Q: Why don’t Mac widgets load?
    • A: Reminders & Notes sync iPhone and iPad material using iCloud on Mac. If iCloud is full, it can’t load fresh data. To sync again, clear your iCloud space.
  • Q: What if widget resets fail?
    • A: If the problem persists, look for system-wide issues such damaged system files or program incompatibilities. A full system diagnostic or Apple Support may be needed.

Revive the dead!

A widget-filled desktop. Make your macOS experience your own. Until next time, keep your desktop clean, widgets active, and IT issues at bay.

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