How to create Safari web apps in macOS Sonoma

Web applications are becoming increasingly create Safari web apps popular for enabling easy and rapid access to our favorite websites. And with the release of macOS Sonoma, Apple has put its best foot forward in providing the same to its consumers. To help you get started with this new functionality, I’ll walk you through the process of create Safari web apps on Mac.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t mention the iPhone and iPad here, it’s because they already have the add to Home Screen shortcut for creating Safari web applications. Now let’s see if we can do something similar on the Mac!

How to convert the Safari webpage into an app in macOS Sonoma 

  • Launch Safari → Go to any website of your choice.
  • Choose Add to Dock from the drop-down menu after clicking the Share button.
  • When prompted, rename the app as desired. Select Add to finish the procedure.
  • You may now find the corresponding create Safari web apps in your Mac’s Dock bar. You may access it whenever you want!
How to create Safari web apps in macOS Sonoma

How to remove Mac Safari web applications

  • On your Mac desktop, right-click the web app in the Dock.
  • Select OptionsRemove from Dock.
How to create Safari web apps in macOS Sonoma

That’s all you have to do to get rid of the create Safari web apps from your Mac.

Advantages of developing Safari web applications with macOS Sonoma

Safari web apps for macOS Sonoma offer a great deal, including improved productivity and convenience. It offers a number of benefits:

  • These web apps are similar to native apps, and they can be launched and used directly from the Dock.
  • Safari web apps can be faster than native apps, because they don’t need to be downloaded on the device. Safari web apps can be stored on a web server, and then delivered over the internet to the device of the user.
  • Sandboxing protects these apps from other parts of the system. If a Safari web application is compromised, then it can’t access any other apps or files on a user’s device.


Are Safari-based online apps compatible with all other Mac web browsers?Unfortunately, web applications produced in create Safari web apps cannot be accessed using any other Mac browser.

Let’s evolve with macOS Sonoma

You’ve now gained valuable insight into the amazing features provided by macOS Sonoma. It’s now time to use this tool to create an atmosphere that is highly customized. This feature will optimize your browsing.

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