How to create Safari web apps in macOS Sonoma {2023}

Apps make it easy to visit favorite websites, and their popularity is rising. Also, Apple has put its best foot forward to give its users the same with the release of macOS Sonoma. Development of Safari web apps on a Mac will help you adjust to this new feature. How to create Safari web apps in macOS Sonoma.

It’s because the iPhone and iPad already had the “add to Home Screen” method for making Safari web apps, which is why we didn’t include them here. Make it happen on Macs.

How to make Safari an app in macOS Sonoma

  • Start up Safari → Choose any page you want to visit.
  • Click the Share icon and select “Add to Dock.” selector.
  • Rename the app however you want when asked → To finish the process, click “Add.”
  • Right now, you can find the right web app in your Mac’s Dock bar. Access it whenever you want!

How to create Safari web apps in macOS Sonoma {2023}

How to remove Mac Safari web applications

  • Right-click the Dock icon to open the web app on Mac.
  • To get rid of the dock, go to Options and then Remove from Dock.

How to create Safari web apps in macOS Sonoma {2023}

That is all you need to do to make your Mac not have the web app.

Create Safari web applications in macOS Sonoma for benefits

Create Safari web apps on macOS Sonoma have a lot to offer besides making work easier and more productive. It has a number of benefits, including

  • These online applications are easy to use since they open from the Dock like native programs.
  • Because they don’t need to be loaded on the user’s device, Safari online apps are often faster than native apps. Safari web applications are stored on a web server and transmitted to the user’s device online.
  • Separating these programs from the system makes them safe. Someone who enters a Safari web app can’t access other apps or files on the iPhone.
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Does every web browser on a Mac work with web apps made in Safari?
Web apps that were made in Safari can’t be opened in any other Mac browser, which is a shame.

Let’s move forward with macOS Sonoma!

Now that you know more about this great feature of macOS Sonoma, it’s time to use it to make a very specific atmosphere. Maximize your reading using this tool.

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