How to use Presenter Overlay in macOS Sonoma {2023}

The Presenter Overlay on macOS Sonoma makes it easy to engage your audience and show off your visual material, whether you’re a student, a businessperson, or someone who gives talks all the time. This guide will teach you how to use the new Presenter Overlay feature on macOS Sonoma in the best way possible.

What is Presenter Overlay?

How to use Presenter Overlay in macOS Sonoma {2023}

Presenter Overlay is a cool new tool that came with macOS Sonoma. It lets people see you on video talks even when you’re showing them your screen. You can move around a small picture of yourself that floats on the screen. The Presenter Overlay tool also works well with apps from other developers.

You must satisfy these requirements before continuing.

  • You need to have macOS Sonoma or later on your Mac.
  • If you want to use Presenter Overlay, you need a video talking app like FaceTime, Zoom, or another one.

How to use macOS 14 Sonoma Presenter Overlay

As of the time this piece was written, Presenter Overlay works well on both FaceTime and Zoom. Here are the steps for both.

FaceTime lets you use Presenter Overlay.

  • Press the command and spacebar to open Spotlight.
  • Type “FaceTime” into the search bar and then open the app.

How to use Presenter Overlay in macOS Sonoma {2023}

  • Start a new FaceTime call or join one that’s already going on.

How to use Presenter Overlay in macOS Sonoma {2023}

  • Press the Share Screen button.
  • You can choose to share just one window or your whole screen.
  • Pick whether you want the Presenter Overlay to be big or small.
    If the guest has an iPhone, a Join Screen Sharing window will appear. To begin watching, they must tap Open.

How to use Presenter Overlay in macOS Sonoma {2023}

Good job! You were able to start Presenter Overlay and share your screen on FaceTime.

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When you use Zoom and other outside apps

  • Open the Zoom app.
  • Start a new call or join one that’s already going on.
  • Click Screen Share to share your Mac screen.
  • Find the function called “Presenter Overlay.”
    In the Zoom app, go to Advance and then Slides as Virtual Background to get to it.
  • Press Share.

The bottom right of the screen should show your moving screen. In addition, the steps are pretty much the same for all video talking apps.

Presenter Overlay lets you make changes.

  • Background: For a presenter layer, you can pick a background color or picture.
  • Position: Drag your presenter layer to the desired location on the screen.
  • Size and placement: Adjust the overlay’s size and drag and drop it wherever on the screen.
  • Effects: You can choose from different effects and add them to the background of the layer.

Why would you want to use Presenter Overlay?

You can keep your audience’s attention and give a better show with Presenter Overlay. Here are some reasons to utilize it.

  • Stay involved with your audience: This tool keeps you in the discussion with your audience. This is crucial while giving a discussion since you must interact with the audience and answer their queries.
  • Get people more interested in your talks: Presenter Overlay lets you move around and make motions during your presentations, which makes them more interesting. This might improve your presentations and highlight key ideas.
  • Improve cooperation: Presenter Overlay can help improve collaboration by making it easier to share ideas and talk about them. It can help you remain on target and ensure everyone agrees when working on a project with others.

Step up your speaking skills!

Now that Presenter Overlay is available with macOS Sonoma, you can mix your content and delivery in a way that looks great and takes your presentations to the next level. This function makes it easy to show your slides while looking at the people in the room, which makes the connection and interest stronger. Read on to find out more about these cool macOS Sonoma features.

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