How to enable privacy preserving ad measurement on iPhone, Mac

Advertising for the latest styles, gadgets and vacations is always available. For targeted marketing, we sacrifice our privacy. Ad tracking that protects your privacy is the answer! This guide will teach you how to enable ad tracking that does not invade your privacy on Safari for iPhone or Mac. How to enable privacy preserving ad measurement on iPhone, Mac.

What is privacy-preserving ad measurement for Apple devices?

Apple has a feature called privacy-preserving advertising measurement, which allows advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their ads without having to track specific users. This technique uses a differential privacy to obscure individual identities and muddle data.

Safari generates a unique code for every ad you see when you enable privacy-preserving advertising measurement. This code does not know anything about you; it only helps track the success of a campaign. It can, for example, tell if someone clicked on an ad and visited the website following it.

What is privacy preserving ad measurement advertising measurement strikes a balance to allow advertisers to measure the success of their ads while maintaining your privacy. Advertisers can get the information they need using differential privacy without compromising your personal data.

How to enable Safari’s privacy-preserving ad measurement on iPhone

  • Open Settings → Head to the Safari.
  • Select Advanced → Enable Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement.

How to enable privacy preserving ad measurement on iPhone, Mac

If you change your mind, you can turn off the same box to stop iPhone ads from measuring your privacy.

How to turn on Safari’s privacy-preserving ad measurement for Mac

  • Open Spotlight (command (⌘) + Space bar) and launch Safari.

How to enable privacy preserving ad measurement on iPhone, Mac

  • From the menu bar, select Safari and then Settings.

How to enable privacy preserving ad measurement on iPhone, Mac

  • Get to the Advanced page. Make sure the box next to Allow privacy-preserving measurement of ad success is checked.

How to enable privacy preserving ad measurement on iPhone, Mac

Safari for iPhone and Mac allows you to measure ads in a way that protects your privacy. If you change your mind, uncheck the same box to disable ad analysis that respects your privacy on Mac.

The benefits of privacy-preserving ad measurement

This tool maintains your identity while letting you analyze ads has several benefits, what is privacy preserving ad measurement including the following:

  • Protects your privacy: It prevents advertising and others from knowing who you are, so safeguarding your privacy.
  • Less tracking: The ads you click on won’t follow you to other apps or websites.
  • Anonymous reports: Safari reports will not contain any information about you.
  • Stop following ads: If you click or touch on an ad or purchase something after clicking, you will not see the same ad again.
  • Your info stays in the area: Nobody can see your ad information because it is on your computer.


If I turn on privacy-protecting ad measurement on my Mac, will it change how other sites work?Absolutely not. This setting is only for Safari on your Mac. What is privacy preserving ad measurement won’t change how other browsers work.

Can I use Safari add-ons along with ad tracking that protects my privacy?
You can still use Safari add-ons and benefit from what is privacy preserving ad measurement at the same time. It doesn’t get in the way of additions.

Will this tool stop all tracking cookies?
Ad monitoring that respects your privacy allows you to assess your ads. Tracking cookies can still be used, but they can’t get as far.

That’s essentially it!

You may now browse the web more anonymously while still receiving tailored adverts. Allowing privacy-preserving ad measurement in Safari on your iPhone or Mac will protect your data while still providing you with a tailored viewing experience.

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