How to change user login profile picture on Mac

It is essential to use different profile picture to set each user apart if your Mac has several users. Additionally, you may create a more customized and visually appealing experience by altering your Mac login image. I’ll explain how to edit user profile photos on Mac in this post.

Important information

  • In order to modify the profile image of any user, you need administrator privileges.
  • On your Mac, you may use the same user profile photo for several different user accounts.
  • The Apple ID profile picture remains unchanged when a user modifies their login profile picture.

How to change user account profile picture on the Mac

  • Go to the Apple sign and then click System Settings.
How to change user login profile picture on Mac

  • Choose Users and Groups.
  • Click the user’s picture next to their name to change their picture.
How to change user login profile picture on Mac

  • Select one of the options listed below:
    • Make your own Memoji by creating or editing one. Next, select your favorite posture and look for your user profile. To zoom in or out of your Memoji, using the slider.
    • Emoji: You may set your login image to any emoji on your keyboard.
    • Monogram: To maintain a simple profile, use your name initials.
    • Camera: Take a quick photo and upload it to your account right away.
    • Photos: Select a picture from your collection.
    • Recommendations: It will display every image from the iconic Mac login.
  • Personalize the profile photo to fit your tastes → Press Save.
How to change user login profile picture on Mac

To alter the profile photo of a different person, choose it from the Other Users window and follow the methods outlined above. 


Will changing my user profile image affect my files or settings?
Changing your user profile image on your Mac will have no effect on any files or settings. It is only an aesthetic change.

Can I set a video as my user profile image on a Mac?
Although Mac allows you to set a movie as a screensaver, it cannot be used as your user profile’s profile picture.

Will updating my user profile image change my login password?
No, altering your user profile image does not affect the password you use to log in.

Why can’t I change the profile image on my MacBook?
To update any user’s login image on your Mac, you must first log in as an administrator. If the problem persists, restart your Mac, log into a different Admin account, or boot into safe mode.

Best wishes on your new appearance

On your Mac, changing a user’s login image is easy and uncomplicated. Whether for personal or commercial usage, it can improve the profile’s aesthetic appeal. On your Mac, do you have a profile image for a different user account? Tell us in the space provided for comments below, please.

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