How to use Emojis on your Mac: Multiple ways to explained

Emojis now frequently appear in our interactions, giving our posts and messages more personality. with smartphones, using them is like second nature, but with a Mac, things might not be quite as clear-cut. Still, Macs have an emoji keyboard built in. Are you unable to access or use emojis on your Mac? Go deeper to find out more.

4 ways to get emojis on Mac 

The Character Viewer contains characters, emojis, accented letters, and symbols. You may access this in a few different ways. 

Using key shortcut

  • The quickest approach is to use Cmd + Ctrl + Space.
  • Place your cursor in a text field and press the keyboard shortcut to open the Character Viewer.

Access it via the app

Inside the app, you can also use the Character Viewer.

  1. From the main bar of an open app, click Edit.
  2. Character Viewer will open when you click on Emoji & Symbols.

Use the Function Key or Globe

There’s another method you can use on a Mac. Newer Macs have a key called “Globe.” If you click it, the character keyboard should come up right away.

If hitting the Globe key only lets you change the input source, you can change this to Show Emoji & Symbols instead.

So as to:

  1. Open System Settings from the Apple menu.
  2. Choose Keyboard from the list on the left.
  3. Click the drop-down menu next to Press key to and choose Show Emoji & Symbols.
How to use Emojis on your Mac: Multiple ways to explained

You can also show Character Viewer by pressing the Globe key + E.

Get to the menu bar

Mac users can use the right-side menu bar’s Input menu. This gives you access to all the sources that are turned on, like the Character Viewer and the Keyboard Sources.

You can make it clear if you can’t see it by:

  1. By going to System Settings > Keyboard > Input Sources > Go to Edit.
  2. Toggle Show Input menu in menu bar, then click Done.
  3. Now that the Change Input button is in the menu bar, click on it and choose Show Emoji & Symbols.
How to use Emojis on your Mac: Multiple ways to explained

How to start using the Mac Emoji keyboard

  • Enter an emoji description into the Character Viewer’s search area to locate it.
    • The Character Viewer’s lower tabs let you search for humans, animals, and other emoji. This makes finding easier. When you find the emoji you want double click or drag it to the text.
  • Once you’ve located the desired emojidrag it into the page or double-click it to have it appear wherever your pointer is at that moment. 

By clicking the upper-right corner of the Character Viewer, you may also expand it to display characters and letter symbols in addition to emojis.

How to use Mac to include emoji into emails 

On the other hand, the Mail app that comes with a Mac has its own button for emoji. When choosing a symbol you must first position the mouse in the location where you want it to appear then click on the appropriate icon.

In the Mail app you can change the size of emojis which makes them stand out. So as to:

  • Select the emoji by highlighting it, and then use Cmd + Plus (+) to make it larger or Cmd + Minus (-) to make it smaller.
  • As an alternative, choose the emoji and then Format > Style → Bigger or Smaller to adjust the size of the icon.
How to use Emojis on your Mac: Multiple ways to explained

Wrap up

Remember that you aren’t limited to your smartphone if you frequently use emojis to express your emotions. We hope you can now access and utilize emojis on Mac thanks to our post. What is your preferred method? Please tell us in the comments!

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