How to recover deleted notes on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Have you mistakenly deleted notes from your iPad or iPhone and are you trying to get it back? But fear not—I’ve provided simple methods below for recovering deleted notes from your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Additionally, you may use iCloud to recover erased notes from a backup. Thus, consider all of your options and choose the most comfortable one to use.

Recover deleted notes in the Notes app

Apple’s native Notes app now contains a Recently Deleted section. You may therefore recover a note as soon as you remove it. Be aware that after deactivated, this technique will remain functional for 30 days. It might take up to 40 days to remove notes from the iPhone permanently. 

For iPhone and iPad

  1. Start Notes If you see a list of notes, tap Folders.
    If you’re in a single note, you might have to tap the back arrow twice.
  2. Tap Deleted Recently.
  3. Now, you can see all the notes you’ve erased.
    • To get back just one note: Slide left. Select where you want to save the note by pressing on the purple folder symbol.
    • You can restore multiple notes at once by going to Edit > Select > Move > and then selecting the place you want to go.
How to recover deleted notes on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Note: If you don’t have any personal files, you’ll probably see two folders: Quick Notes and Notes. You can also make a new folder on your iPhone to find recently removed notes.

For Mac

Following the preceding procedures, you will be able to restore your lost applications using the built-in Notes app. Alternatively, you may access your iCloud notes from any computer with a web browser. The web-based version of Notes in iCloud, however, only allows for the simultaneous restoration of a single note at a time.

  • Use a web browser to go to → Enter your Apple ID credentials to log in. 
  • Select Notes, then select Recently Deleted from the menu on the left.
  • Locate and read the missing note
  • Select Recover to get it downloaded to your Mac.
    On Mac, Notes may be exported to PDF format as well.

Search for missing notes

You might not be able to find the notes you deleted recently in the Recently Deleted folder. In this case, you can look through the Notes app to find the lost notes and bring them back.

  • Start Notes Click the search box.
  • Now, type the name or tag of the note.
  • Choose the note and then press the folder icon
  • Pick the folder to get it back.
How to recover deleted notes on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Retrieve lost notes from the mailbox

Have you linked your notes to your email? If yes, then notes will be lost if you delete that account.

  • Click on Settings, Pick Mail.
  • Click on “Accounts.”
  • Select Gmail. Switch to Notes.
    Do the same thing for each Gmail account you have.
  • Now, go to the Notes folders and see if it can bring back notes that you removed.
How to recover deleted notes on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Use a backup to restore deleted Notes on iPhone

Backing up tools daily is recommended. You can use Finder or iCloud backup to do this. Thus, if you think an old file has something important in it, you can get it back on your personal computer.

You can also use Dr. FoneiMyFone, and PhoneRescue or other third-party tools to get back a lost note from an iTunes copy.

How to recover deleted notes on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Are shared notes recoverable? 

Deleting a shared note as the owner removes it from everyone’s Notes app. The Recently Deleted folder can only be recovered by you.

A shared note you delete as a participant gets erased from your Notes app but not Recently Deleted. No one deletes it from their notes, including the owner. The owner’s link must be clicked to reopen this note.

How to recover deleted notes on iPhone, iPad, & Mac


Is it possible to recover deleted notes from a synchronized device?
Absolutely, you might be able to retrieve the erased note from the device if you have synchronized your notes with a different device or service.

Is it possible to get deleted notes back from a lost or stolen device?
You might be able to retrieve your notes from a backup of your smartphone or by visiting and retrieving your notes from there if your device has been lost or stolen.

Is it possible to get notes that have been completely erased from an iPhone or Mac?
Your iPhone cannot be used to restore completely erased notes. To recover notes that have been completely deleted you might utilize data recovery software or an iCloud backup.

Keep your important notes with you at all times!

It’s annoying to lose track of important notes, isn’t it? You can easily retrieve erased notes from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac by using these easy techniques. Missing notes can also occur from your Apple Notes not synchronizing between your Mac and iPhone. Update your iPhone if it’s experiencing iOS issues.

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