How to copy and paste on Mac and between Apple devices

Here’s how to copy and paste on Mac and between Apple devices. Copying and pasting on macOS is necessary to move or replicate text, pictures, files, directories, etc. It transfers data quickly. When editing a document, you may move text, graphics, and other objects. When transferring data from your MacBook to an external hard drive or vice versa. Let’s learn how to cut, copy, and paste on a Mac and between Apple devices.

Tips before copying and pasting on Mac?

Copying and pasting works on MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, and Mac Mini. Before cutting, copying, and pasting on macOS, consider two things.

What is the difference between cut and copy

How to copy and paste on Mac and between Apple devices

The copy function copies the specified text, picture, or file, whereas the cut function removes it to be copied elsewhere.

‘Paste’ Style vs. ‘Paste and Match’ Style

How to copy and paste on Mac and between Apple devices

On a Mac, you can copy text and then choose to either paste it as is or choose Paste and Match Style, which will style the text automatically based on where you paste it. Paste and Match Style lets you get rid of the original style and make the text look like the document or paragraph where you are putting it. This is useful when you want to copy text from the web into a document but don’t want it to be in the same font, size, etc.

How to copy and paste on a Mac pad or mouse

  • Right-click the text, picture, or file to copy using the mouse and trackpad. Opens the contextual menu.
  • Click Copy (or Cut to relocate the item fully).

How to copy and paste on Mac and between Apple devices

  • The Edit menu on the toolbar at the top of the screen can also be used to copy or cut.
  • Move the copied object to the desired area and right-click to activate the contextual menu. Click paste.
  • Paste can also be found in the top Edit menu. Click Paste and Match Style in Pages, Notes, etc. to paste without formatting. When pasted, copied material appears immediately.

Mac keyboard shortcut for copy/paste

  • Select the text or file to copy.
  • Press Command+C or Command+X to copy or cut.
  • Place the object where you desire. Paste using Command+V.
  • Mac users may paste text without formatting using Command+Shift+V. To paste without formatting in Pages, use Command+Option+Shift+V.

How to copy and paste on Mac and between Apple devices

Copying and pasting from Mac to other Apple devices

Apple’s global clipboard allows you copy and paste text from iPhone to Mac and other compatible devices.

Answers to frequently asked questions 

Q: Can Macs copy several items?
Windows users can copy up to 24 things to the Microsoft Office clipboard and pick what to paste. Unfortunately, Mac cannot do the same. Macs cannot copy several objects. Installing a clipboard manager can assist.

Q: Where is the Mac clipboard?
Macs’ background clipboards store the last thing copied. In Finder, click Edit at the top and select Show Clipboard to view the clipboard.

Q: How do MacBook users copy and paste images?
Same approach as above. Right-click and copy the image. Right-click and paste it.

Q: MacBook right-clicking: how?
Macs call the right-click the secondary click. Right-click with two fingers on the touchpad or a right-click mouse.

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Copy & paste on Mac and Apple devices!

You may now copy and paste on a Mac two ways. This is perhaps one of the most important computer functions. Do you have further questions? Leave a comment below.

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