How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Methods explained!

ChatGPT, an amazing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, has surprised the globe with its human-like reactions. Recognizing its promise, some major internet companies have already integrated the program into their products, making it easier for customers to access its features and capabilities. However, it is doubtful that Apple will enable native ChatGPT functionality on macOS.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. If you have a Mac, you can still utilize ChatGPT on your smartphone. In this post, we’ll go over how to effortlessly utilize ChatGPT on Mac.

What may ChatGPT on Mac be used for? 

Think of ChatGPT as a stylish take on your preferred search engine. On a Mac, ChatGPT network error may be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Help in brainstorming and idea generation.
  • Provide specific recommendations.
  • Break down difficult subjects.
  • Write unique tunes.
  • Develop an app.
  • Write code in any programming language.
  • Extract data from the text.
  • Solve mathematics and other tasks.
  • Create a professional resume and cover letter.
  • Summarize the most recent studies and articles.
  • The Complete essays.
  • The Translate text.
  • Make a quiz.
  • Create posts and captions for social networking profiles.
  • Help create a trip schedule.
  • Find data sets.
  • Help with the job hunt

How to use the Mac browser to use ChatGPT 

At the time of writing, no official ChatGPT program was available for Mac. If you possess an iPhone or an Apple Watch, you may also be interested in learning how to utilize ChatGPT on those devices.

While some believe that OpenAI may create and release a ChatGPT app soon, the original and conventional way to access ChatGPT is through its website. Here’s how to utilize it:

  • Launch Safari or another browser of your choice.
  • Visit and click Try ChatGPT.
How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Methods explained!

  • If you have an existing account, select Log in. If you do not have one, click Sign Up.
  • To establish an account, enter your email address or sign in with Google or Microsoft. You will be asked to complete a captcha to prove that you are human. Click Next.
  • OpenAI will ask you to validate your email address. Simply click the button to be led to your email, or log in and confirm.
How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Methods explained!

  • Next, you’ll be asked to provide your name and phone number. Enter your phone number and then choose Send code. Check your phone and type the code you got into the area on your browser.
  • A welcome screen will appear, featuring this is a free research preview. Follow the on-screen instructions and click Done.
How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Methods explained!

That is it! You may now access ChatGPT on your Mac with your choice browser.

How to use the Mac menu bar to access ChatGPT 

If you frequently use ChatGPT, constantly opening your browser to log in might be annoying. There is a more natural and simple method to access ChatGPT: use the MacGPT app.

What is MacGPT?

MacGPT is an application created by Jordi Bruin. It replicates all of the choices available on the ChatGPT website, allowing you to communicate with the chatbot directly from a chat window on your Mac, rather than signing in to ChatGPT via a browser.

Simply install MacGPT on your Mac and launch the software from your menu bar, or create a keyboard shortcut to make it quicker to use ChatGPT’s functionality.

However, before you can open a chat window using MacGPT, you must first log in using your browser.

How to get the free MacGPT download 

  • Go to Bruin’s Gumroad profile.
  • Set the app’s reasonable pricing. If you enter 0 in the fair pricing box, you can obtain MacGPT for free. However, you can also donate any amount between $1 and $100,000,000,000 to the creator.
  • Select “I want this.”
How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Methods explained!

  • Enter your email address and choose Get. You will receive a receipt via email.
  • Navigate to your email inbox, select View Content, and then Download. If you see a popup requesting permission to accept downloads from Click Allow.
How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Methods explained!

  • After downloading, choose the MacGPT app and click Open when prompted.
  • Log into your OpenAI account with MacGPT and start using it!

To open MacGPT, your Mac must be running either macOS Monterey or macOS Ventura.

How to Make Use of MacGPT 

As previously said, MacGPT just mimics ChatGPT, thus it operates in the same manner as ChatGPT would on your browser. You should see comparable sample prompts that might help you get started.

You have the option of selecting Web or Native. The Web option is identical to the way ChatGPT appears on its website.

MacGPT claims that the Native option provides a considerably more fluid experience. To accomplish this, input your OpenAI API Key.

  • Click the link that says “How do I get an API Key?” to access ChatGPT. 
    Some users may be led to a page where they must click User Settings.
  • Sign in, then click +Create new secret key.
  • Press the green button to directly copy the API.
  • Paste this code into the API key area in MacGPT’s Preferences/Settings and click Submit.

That is it! You may now run MacGPT in native mode.

You may also enter your own inquiry in the text space below. After you click Send, you should see the chatbot type its response. If you want it to stop, simply click the Stop producing button. You may also click Regenerate response to have it try to answer your inquiry differently.

How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Methods explained!

MacGPT’s features 

While it is mostly similar to ChatGPT, it does contain some distinct features. To begin, you may assign a keyboard shortcut to the app so that it can be accessed using a combination of keys.

  • To choose a keyboard shortcut, go to MacGPTPreferences/Settings→ choose the text field next to “Open chat“→ and press the key combination you want.  Please keep in mind that the shortcut will only work if the MacGPT application is running in the background.
  • You should also notice its symbol in the menu bar. The next time you want to use it, simply select the MacGPT icon in your menu bar and start typing.
  • You may also choose to keep the MacGPT window on top, floating over all other windows. Simply open MacGPT → Preferences → Always On Top.
How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Methods explained!

Wrap up

Although ChatGPT is a great tool for conversational AI already, the addition of MacGPT makes it even more user-friendly. You may now use MacGPT to talk with ChatGPT without having to open your web browser.

Have you installed MacGPT? What was your experience like? Please share it below!

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