How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Ways explained!

ChatGPT is an impressive AI tool that has stunned the world with its lifelike human responses. Some tech giants, realizing its potential, have integrated it into their software, making its capabilities and features more accessible to users. Apple is unlikely to support ChatGPT natively on macOS. There is a solution. ChatGPT can be used on Mac devices. We’ll show you how to use ChatGPT on Mac in this article.

How can I use ChatGPT for Mac?

Imagine ChatGPT like a cool version of your favourite search engine. You can use ChatGPT to do many different things on Mac.

  • It is easy to come up with new ideas by brainstorming.
  • Get personalized suggestions
  • Simple explanations of complex topics
  • Original songs to write
  • Create an App
  • Code in any programming languages
  • Extract data from text
  • Do math homework and solve other questions
  • Cover letters and resumes
  • The latest articles and research summarised
  • Complete essays
  • Translation of text
  • Make quizzes
  • Create captions and posts for your social media accounts
  • Make a Travel Itinerary
  • Data sets can be found
  • Job Search Help

How to use ChatGPT on Mac from the browser

As of the publication date of this article, there is no official ChatGPT Mac app. You may also be interested in using ChatGPT with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

There are rumors that OpenAI will soon release an app for ChatGPT, but the traditional and original way to access ChatGPT via its website. You can access it via the website.

  • Open Safari, or your preferred browser.
  • Click Try ChatGPT on

How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Ways explained!

  • If you have an existing account, click Login. Click Register on the off chance that you don’t have a account.
  • Create an account by entering your email or using your Google or Microsoft Account.Then click Next.
  • OpenAI asks you to confirm your email. Click the button and you will be directed to your email. You can also log into your account to verify.

How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Ways explained!

  • You’ll then be asked to enter your name, and confirm your phone number. Enter your number, then select the Send Code option. Enter the code that you receive on your mobile phone in the box provided.
  • A welcome screen will appear with the message This is an free preview of research. Click Done after you have followed the instructions onscreen.

How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Ways explained!

That’s it! Now you can use ChatGPT with your Mac browser.

How to Access ChatGPT From the Mac Menu Bar

It can become a nuisance to constantly open your browser in order to sign into ChatGPT if you need it all the time. It’s easier to access ChatGPT via MacGPT, which is more intuitive.

What is MacGPT?

MacGPT was developed by Jordi Brun. The app replicates the ChatGPT site so that you can chat with the bot directly from your Mac’s chat window without having to log in through the browser.

Install MacGPT and then access it from the menu bar. You can also create keyboard shortcuts to help you use ChatGPT’s features.

You must first log into your MacGPT account via the browser.

How to Download MacGPT for Free

  • Gumroad’s page for Bruin is available.
  • Enter a price that is fair for the application. MacGPT is free if you enter 0 into the box for fair price. However, donations from $1 up to $100,000,000 can be sent to the developer.
  • Click on I want this.

How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Ways explained!

  • Select Get and enter your email. Your email will contain a confirmation.
  • Once you’ve opened your inbox click on View Content and then Download. You will be asked to grant permission for downloads via Then click Allow.

How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Ways explained!

  • After downloading is complete, click on the MacGPT app.
  • OpenAI is now available for MacGPT users!

MacGPT requires macOS Monterey, macOS Ventura or macOS Ventura on your Mac.

MacGPT: How it works

McGPT Chat is an overview of GPT. It works the same as ChatGPT on your web browser. Start by using the same example prompts.

Select either Native or Web. Web is the same as ChatGPT’s website. “MacGPT says that Native offers a much more smooth experience. You’ll have to enter your OpenAI API Key.

  • You will be redirected to ChatGPT when you click the option. To get your API Key, click the link How can I obtain an API Key? option to be redirected to ChatGPT.
    Users may be directed to a new page, where they must click on User Settings.
  • Click +Create a new secret key after signing in.
  • Copy the API by clicking the green button.
  • Copy this code and paste it into the API Key field of MacGPT Preferences/Settings. Then click Submit.

That’s it! Now you can use MacGPT native mode.

Type your query into the field below. You should be able to see the bot typing its reply after you click Send. Click the Stop Generating button to end it. If you’d like it to respond to your query in a different way, select Regenerate Response.

How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Ways explained!

MacGPT Features

It is a clone of ChatGPT but has some unique features. You can also set up a shortcut to the app so that you can access it by pressing a certain combination of keys.

  • Open MacGPT Preferences/Settings, click on the text box next to Open Chat and then select the desired shortcut. Note that this shortcut only works if MacGPT is running in the background.
  • The icon should be visible on the menu bar. Next time you use MacGPT, click on the icon in your menu bar.
  • MacGPT can also be kept on top, so it appears above other windows. Open MacGPT Preferences and select Always on Top.
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How to use ChatGPT on Mac: 2 Ways explained!

Wrap up

MacGPT enhances the usability and intuitiveness of ChatGPT, which is a great tool to improve conversational AI. MacGPT allows you to use ChatGPT without having to launch your browser.

Have you downloaded MacGPT yet? What was your experience? Please share your experience!

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