Best Safari extensions for Mac in {2024}

The best Safari extensions for Mac add-ons are some of the most useful Mac applications for regular Safari users. Browser add-ons make it simple and quick to perform things like verify your writing while writing online and save a screen clip to your preferred notes app.
There are several amazing Mac Safari add-ons to maximise your browser.


Coupons and bargains from Honey are great. Honey finds great shopping spree coupons. With just one click, you can use it at checkout. Keep in mind that these coupon codes are found and used instantly by the plugin.

Time magazine claims that honey is “basically, free money.” This clever assistant helps you save time and money at Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world. Our advice has helped more than 10 millions users save over a billion dollars. We’ll at least trust them if you don’t.

Price: Free

1Password 7

Best Safari extensions for Mac in {2024}

Everybody has trouble remembering their passwords, because they have so many accounts online. Safari for Mac comes with an add-on to manage your passwords. You only need to remember one password with 1Password 7. This secret is only known by you.

The app generates strong passwords that are unique for each of your accounts. With just one click, you can enter names, email addresses and phone numbers as well as credit card information. You can install and test the software for 30 free days.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99)


Best Safari extensions for Mac in {2024}

Use Grammarly to correct any language and writing errors in your email before sending it. The software is popular among content marketers, students, and authors, as well as everyday users. Professionals who wish to send a mistake-free resume could utilize Grammarly to leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

You must pay for Grammarly’s commercial edition to enjoy all of its features. When you become a paying member, you may access tools such as Correctness, Goals, Engagement, Delivery, Plagiarism, and more.

Price: Free (Monthly plan – $29.99)


Trackers from outside the site capture and sell information about you while you browse. DuckDuckGo can help prevent this. After installing this add-on, you must ensure that Tracker Blocking and Privacy Dashboard are on in Safari.

Best Safari Extensions for Mac Most people assume that you have no privacy online. DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, seeks to dispel this notion or view. If you wish to utilize Private Search, you may do it in Safari by default rather than this app.

Price: Free


Best Safari extensions for Mac in {2024}

The best Safari extensions for Mac with the picture-in-picture capability allow you to view movies on your Mac while doing other things. There is a Mac software that allows you to enter P-i-P mode, but PiPer is gaining popularity since it offers unique capabilities.

After downloading this Safari add-on, PiPer will add a PiP button to the video player. Because of its hover effects and tooltips, this add-on seamlessly integrates into the gameplay.

Price: Free (Small Donation – $0.99)

Turn Off the Lights for Safari

Watch movies and videos with cinematic excitement? Try out this addon for YouTube and Beyond videos/movies. This add-on includes a light button that dims the web page and concentrates the video. To escape dark mode, simply click the light button again.

Best Safari Extensions for Mac Best of all, this addon is free, with no in-app purchases. Install this Safari extension to watch videos as in a theater.

Price: Free

Day One

If you write in a book to express yourself, be creative, or convey your feelings, Day One is the Safari extension for you. Mac Day One allows you to add locations, photos, and events. It just makes sense that the web application accompany the app.

Before you start Safari, you may record your thoughts in Day One. This is an excellent method for recording sensations or thoughts immediately soon. Select a book, leave a comment, and tag it if you have several.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99)


There are several ways to customize the Safari Start page, but Momentum offers something additional. You may see a gorgeous image, check the local weather, add and check off tasks, and access your favorite websites all in one spot.

You may also include a clock, a welcome message, quotations, and images on your Momentum start page. The Balance function allows you to conceal productive equipment while you relax after work. A great way to begin the day’s reading. Check out Momentum for Safari.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99)


Best Safari extensions for Mac in {2024}

For individuals who read a lot of web content, Pocket is the finest Safari add-on for saving all of it. You may read your saved things offline with this app. This is perhaps one of the most advantageous features because it allows you to read articles when in the air or somewhere with poor mobile coverage or no Wi-Fi.

With a single click, your tale is stored across all of your devices, and the links function from home or the workplace. Pocket allows you to save videos, images, and other types of content in addition to stories. To summarize, you may store news from BuzzFeed, New York Times, and Washington Post viewpoints, as well as Flipboard stories.

Price: Free

Mate: Universal Tab Translator

Mate has 500,000 users throughout the world who trust it. For one payment, you may access all websites with information in languages other than English. This add-on supports more than 100 languages. As a user, utilize Mate to select text and clipboard objects.

Mate not only translates but also assists with phonetics. The answer is true; it can accurately pronounce any word. Mate, unlike Google Translate, allows you to utilize it from anywhere in the world. Simply select the text and tap the “Translate with Mate” option in the app’s menu.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99)

Notion Web Clipper

Best Safari Extensions for Mac “Is Notion your favorite software for productivity and note-taking? The Notion online Clipper allows you to save online pages and text directly to your workspace. This is ideal for school assignments or professional reference pages.

By default, the URL will appear in the extension’s window. To make a page with Notion, just copy and paste internet content. After that, choose the location and office in Notion, and you’re done.

Tip: These Notion themes are free to use on your Mac or mobile phone.

Price: Free

LINER – Discover & Highlight

Best Safari extensions for Mac in {2024}

Liner is another great Safari add-on for saving parts of a web page. The app is great for getting ideas for a story or things to study.

To highlight the word, simply choose it on the page and click the Liner button. After that, you may change the highlighted text colour, leave a remark, or share it by social media, email, or messaging. You may access your stored highlights whenever you wish after creating a free Liner account. Liner is a great application that allows you to take precise text with a single click, rather than web clippings.

Price: Free (Pro version starts at $12.99)

TickTick: To-Do List, Calendar

Which task-tracking software do you use? TickTick, one of the greatest job management tools, makes it simple to store websites you visit and use them later.

The site’s URL is displayed on the app’s toolbar button. You can enter the terms you want to keep instead. To submit it to TickTick, hit Enter. All of your saved things will appear in your TickTick Inbox, ready for you to peruse.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $12.99)

Which add-on for Safari on Mac is the best?

Answer this question anyway you choose. This is how to inquire what the best colour is. That’s why we compiled such a diverse list: the greatest Safari app depends on how you use Safari. Everyone and every need may find something here, but these extensions are unquestionably the greatest in their categories.

Why not tell us? Which Safari add-on for Mac is best? Tell us which one and why in the comments!

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