How to use Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac {2024}

You may have wanted to play a video on your Picture in Picture mode Mac while you were doing other things. This is not an uncommon problem. Safari’s Image-in-Picture mode (PiP), however, will help you to achieve this.

What is Picture-in-Picture Mode on Mac? 

It can be difficult to keep up with technology’s rapid pace. One can barely grasp one feature before another one appears. Picture in Picture mode is a great example. What is Picture in Picture on Mac? You asked a good question.

Picture in Picture mode (PiP) is not a new concept. It’s a useful tool for the uninformed to accomplish various tasks. Users can watch videos in a window that is resizable, independent of the main program or application. The window can be positioned in a corner to allow you to simultaneously work on different tasks. Imagine being able to watch your favorite YouTube video while you sort your emails. It’s so easy.

The Nitty Gritty

Picture in Picture Mode in Safari for Mac. Now that you know what Picture in Picture is, let’s dig deeper into its specifics.

How do I enter PiP mode in Safari?

  • Safari will open any video.
  • Click on the video twice with Control-click.
  • Select’Picture in Image.

How do I move and resize PiP?

  • Drag the mini-player to any corner.
  • Use the edges of the video to resize the video by moving the cursor.

Frequently asked questions

You can easily navigate through some of the most common questions and their simple answers:

Q. Does the PiP mode work on full-screen games or applications?
Absolutely! PiP hovers above full-screen apps too, so you won’t miss any of your favorite videos while completing other tasks.

Q: Can I use the PiP mode in applications other than Safari?
Indeed you can. iTunes and VLC Player are compatible.

How To Use YouTube Picture In Picture Mode on Safari for Mac

Keep your seat! You are in the right place. Let’s first clarify what YouTube Picture in Picture means. It allows you to view YouTube videos in a smaller, different window, while navigating through different locations. It’s a great feature.

How to enable the feature

It is easy to turn on this feature.

  • Open Youtube with Safari. Make sure you are using the latest Safari version.
  • Play a Video.
  • Click on the video to access more options.
  • Do not show the main menu. Instead, Right-click to display a secondary menu.
  • Select Click to enter a picture in from the second menu.
    You’re done! The YouTube has been shrunk to a small window that overlays the screen. Now you can browse while watching your video.

How to use Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac {2024}

Troubleshooting tips

You can’t see ‘Insert Picture in Image‘? That’s weird! Open Safari Advanced > Select ‘Display Develop menu in the menu bar‘. Navigate to Picture-in-Picture .

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode Using Playback Menu on Mac

Do you use a Mac? You may have wondered “How do I enable Picture-in-Picture mode using the Playback Menu in Mac?” If this is the case. This feature can dramatically improve your review insight, as it allows you to do multiple tasks while watching recordings. It sounds great, right? Let’s dive in and see how this is usually finished.

Understanding Picture in Picture Mode

Apple introduced the Picture in Picture feature, which is an excellent component. The user can explore away from the video and continue watching it in a small, resizable box. Let’s now decode the “how to enable Picture-in-Picture mode using Playback menu on Mac” shall we?

How to enable Picture-in-Picture Mode

  • Launch Safari: Start Safari on your Mac. The Picture in Picture function only works in Safari.
  • Play video: This feature may work when a video has already started.
  • Playback Menu Access: Click on the movie. This brings up the context menu for videos. You can use it to find the direct program setting menu.
  • Select the “Insert Picture into Picture” menu item and click.
  • Resizing the Picture in the Picture Window: To resize the window, you can drag its sides. Drag the window to the desired position.

How To Use Picture In Picture in Safari from Address Bar on Mac

MacOS offers many users some very useful features. This feature explains “how to use picture-in-picture in Safari on Mac from the address bar.” What does it mean? Relax, we’ll handle it for you if you are unable to deal with your own issues.

What is Picture-in-Picture in Safari?

Picture in Picture is a multi-tasking feature that works like the sleeve of a magician. You can play a video on a floating window while you navigate through your Mac’s other applications. It is useful when you want to watch the video as you work on another task.

How does work in 2024?

Here’s the real question: How do you use picture-in-picture in Safari on your Mac from the address bar? We should look into it.

  • Open ‘Safari‘ on your Mac.
  • Visit a site that has video content. ( similar to YouTube)
  • Play Video.
  • Look at the address bar. See that blue speaker icon?
  • Clicking on the button will bring up a menu.
  • Choose ‘Picture’. Enter picture’ Voila! The video will start to shrink and turn into a corner.

How to use Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac {2024}

How to use Picture in Picture via Safari Extension on Mac

Consider how you can enjoy your top-rated recordings on your Mac while completing other tasks. If you are indeed in the right place! This article will guide you through the easiest way to use the Image in Picture feature on your Mac using the Safari extension.

What does Picture in Picture mean?

Picture in Picture is an amazing feature that lets users watch videos in a floating windows. You can watch your video while doing other things, like using your Mac’s interface as a TV. This is amazing, right?

How to use Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac {2024}

How do I use Picture in Picture on Safari Extension for Mac?

Picture in Picture is easily enabled on Macs through the Safari Extension. These techniques are simple, straightforward and useful. Start it by following these steps:

Step 1. Open Safari on your Mac.
Step 2. Visit the recording. YouTube and Vimeo are examples of options.
Step 3. Start by playing the Video .
Step 4. Click on the video. A menu and a context will appear .
Step 6. Click once more. You heard it right, a double-right-click . This should bring up another context menu.
Step 6. Select the option ‘Insert Picture in Picture ‘. This will reduce the video instantly to a manageable Window.

How to use Picture in Picture mode in Safari on Mac {2024}

You can then continue with other tasks while your video is magically transformed into a smaller hovering frame. This window can be resized to suit your needs.

Picture in Picture: Benefits and Uses

Can you multitask while watching your favorite videos? Absolutely! The PiP highlights not only provide comfort but also enhance your ability to perform multiple tasks. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Wrap up

Safari for Mac’s Picture in Picture is easy to use. This component allows you to browse in multiple windows at once, giving you the most intelligent screen possible. You must continue to try, no matter how many times you have already tried!

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