How to turn on macOS Betas from System Settings with 13.4

Apple regularly updates its products to improve the user experience. MacOS Betas can now be turned on from the turn on macOS Betas from System Settings. Follow this guide to make the switch quickly!

What you need to know about

  • To turn macOS Betas on, you must be a member of either the Apple Developer Program (or the Apple Beta Software Program) or the Apple Beta Software Program.
  • Mac OS X betas can be turned on by pressing the Apple icon. Go to System settings > General and click on Update Software. Click the (i) Button. Go to Beta updatesthen click. Select the Beta Developer.
  • This option is available after macOS Ventura 13.4

How to Enable macOS beta updates in System Settings

  • Click the Apple logo (◊) and select System Settings.
  • Navigate to GeneralSoftware Update.

How to turn on macOS Betas from System Settings with 13.4

  • Hit (i) next to Beta Updates.
  • Hit the Beta Updates button.

How to turn on macOS Betas from System Settings with 13.4

  • Pick Developer Beta or Public Beta to download.
    • You’ll only see a public test if you don’t have a developer beta account.
    • Have used a different Apple ID to sign up for developer applications, choose Use a different Mac ID for beta updates.
  • To be sure, click “Done.”

If you turn on continuous downloads, your Mac will get the latest beta fixes and install them for you.

Enabling Mac beta updates benefits

  • Getting new features early: Beta upgrades allow you to test the latest features and improvements ahead of the public.
  • Fixing bugs to make the program better: Often the beta versions of the software are better than the stable versions, because they fix bugs in the original versions.
  • Feedback can have an impact: You are able to tell the developers of the software your thoughts so it can be improved and made more suitable for others who may share similar needs.
  • Improved compatibility: If you rely on certain apps or device, beta updates may include improvements in support to ensure that everything works perfectly the way it is currently.

Risks of letting test patches happen on a Mac

  • Security: As the software is still in development, it may have bugs, weaknesses or mismatches that cause it to behave unpredictably, crash, or lose data.
  • Similarity: It is extremely likely that beta versions will not work perfectly with third party apps and hardware. This could cause speed and stability problems.
  • Information Problem: It is important to keep a backup of all your files and data, as the beta version can be very unstable and cause data loss or changes.

How to turn on macOS Betas from System Settings with 13.4

  • Basic support: Apple beta Software Installation Guide does not offer as much assistance for beta versions as they do for stable versions. Turn on macOS Beta in Settings to get detailed technical support. Their customer service focuses primarily on bug reports and feedback from users.
  • Basic App Availability: Some app makers may decide their apps will not work on beta macOS versions. You may not be able to use certain functions or apps until a new version is released. This could mean that you miss out on certain apps.

You can find out how to reduce your system in our article if you want to upgrade macOS from a beta to a stable version but aren’t sure where to begin.


What happens if an update beta causes Mac problems?
If you are experiencing problems with your Mac after installing a beta version, restart it, delete the beta software, and install the latest stable release of macOS. Apple’s customer service team can be reached through their website.

I don’t want to be a developer, but I would like to try out beta upgrades. Is there anything that can be done?
Download the macOS beta software, whether you are an engineer or not. Everyone can download it.

Wrap up

If you want to test beta updates, create a separate folder or use another device. This will reduce the impact on your data and main processes.

What do you think of macOS testing programs? What do you think?

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