How to dim flashing lights in video on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Apple has released a number of new features for dim flashing lights iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS 13.3, and tvOS 16.4 recently. One of these is a new accessibility feature that recognizes dim flashing lights or strobe effects and dims the video. Find out how to make this functionality available on your Mac, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad.

What is the accessibility feature for dim flashing lights? 

Certain types of videos, frequently action-packed, use fast flashes of light known as strobe effects. While some viewers are unconcerned, strobe light effects and flashing light might be bothersome.

In some films and television series, strobing and flashing lights are warned against because they can cause people to feel uncomfortable and even trigger symptoms. People with flickering vertigo may feel nauseous or disoriented when exposed to strobe lights. They can also trigger seizures in those who are predisposed to epilepsy or induce them in those with the condition.

A user safety feature called dim Flashing Lights causes the video display to dim when it senses strobes or light flashes. If you or someone you know is at danger of being triggered by certain visual effects, you should enable this option.

Requirements for your Apple device to dim its flashing lights

Remain calm. The sole need to use the function is to make sure your device is running the supported version of the operating system, since there are no hardware requirements.

  • To utilize this function, you need to have macOS 13.3 installed on your Mac.
  • In the meanwhile, make sure your iPad or iPhone is running iPadOS 16.4 or iOS 16.4.
  • To utilize this new function, Apple TV owners must have tvOS 16.4 installed on their Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

Click the Apple logo in the menu bar, choose About This Mac, then look under the large macOS to see the version of macOS that is operating on your machine.

On your iPhone or iPad, go to SettingsGeneralSoftware Update.

How to Turn on the iPhone and iPad’s Dim Flashing Lights 

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings → choose Accessibility.
  • Choose Motion from the Vision section.
  • Turn on the low-beam flashing lights.
How to dim flashing lights in video on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

How to automatically dim videos that contain flashes of light on Mac 

  • To access System Settings, click the Apple logo in your Menu bar. 
How to dim flashing lights in video on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

  • From the sidebar, choose Accessibility. Click on the Vision category, then select Display.
  • Turn on the dim-flashing lights.
How to dim flashing lights in video on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Enable Apple TV’s dim flashing lights 

  • Navigate to SettingsAccessibilityMotion on your Apple TV.
  • Activate the dim flashing lights. When enabled, the playback timeline for compatible media will show the times when flashing lights occurred.

Finishing up…

Whether you’re a user or someone who cares about others, enabling this option is always advantageous. It helps to guarantee that strobing and flashing lights in videos won’t cause any uncomfortable bodily impacts in viewers.

Apple also released a few additional improvements in iOS 16.4 that are worth examining, such Apple Pay Later and Voice Isolation for phone conversations. Have you used these functionalities before? Have you seen any changes? Fill in the comment section below to let us know.

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