How to clean your MacBook screen

Your Mac will soon acquire fingerprints, dust, oil, and other particles if it is used frequently. Thus, maintaining a clean your MacBook screen is essential to its durability and best performance. I’ll walk you through the process of cleaning your MacBook screen step-by-step in this blog. In addition, I’ll provide professional advice on how to remove smudges and maintain it clean.

What you’ll need to clean your MacBook screen?

  • Microfiber towel or soft, lint-free cloths
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes from Clorox kill germs.
  • Cleaner of dust
How to clean your MacBook screen

What things you shouldn’t use to clean your Mac screen?

Before you clean your MacBook screen, Apple says you should take a few steps.

  • Don’t use paper towels, home towels, rough cloths, leather, or other rough materials.
  • If you swipe too much or press too hard on your Mac screen, it can get damaged.
  • Take out any tools, cords, or outside power sources that are plugged in.
  • Don’t get too close to liquid cleaners.
  • Avoid using Windex, window cleaners, home cleaners, solvents, abrasives, bleach, ammonia, aerosol sprays, and cleaners with hydrogen peroxide and acetone.
  • Don’t use cleaners that you put right on your Mac.

How to clean your MacBook Air or Pro screen

  • Turn off your MacBook and take it away from any chargers or devices you have connected to it.
  • Apply a smoothlint-free microfiber cloth to get rid of dust and big pieces of dirt on the surface.
  • For the nano-texture glass display, use the cloth that came with your iMac or Pro Display XDR.
  • Now, use the screen cleaning solution to lightly dampen one side of the microfiber cloth or use wet sanitizing wipes. You have to get rid of the extra liquid.
  • Start carefully wiping the screen from the bottom towards the camera, moving up and side to side. Keep water from getting in through holes.
  • Check to see if it’s getting the smudges and fingerprints off the screen. If not, get more solution.
  • Repeat the process with the dry side of the microfiber towel to get rid of any wetness left on the screen and make it shine.
  • Before you turn on your Mac, make sure the screen is completely dry.

Now, your clean your MacBook screen should look brand new. You can clean the outside of your Mac in the same way. To clean the MacBook Pro Touch Bar, just use water to slightly wet a cloth. For the bottom, use a 3M Grey Microfiber cloth or a soft, dye- and lint-free towel.

You also need to clean your Mac’s keys and ports. They quickly get full of dust and other small things. In fact, things get worse when the junk causes problems like keys that won’t turn or batteries that won’t charge. So, use compressed air to blow out those places that are hard to get to.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the cleaner for my glasses to clean my MacBook’s screen?
A: The screen of the MacBook has a layer that keeps it from reflecting light, just like anti-reflective glasses and camera lenses. So, you can safely use the glass or lens cleaner on your Mac screen if you use a new microfiber cloth.

Q: How often should I clean the screen on my MacBook?
A: Every two weeks, or more often if you use your MacBook in a dusty or dirty place, wipe down the screen. Regular cleaning keeps dust and dirt from building up which makes it easier to clean in the future.

Q: Dust: Can it hurt my MacBook?
A: When dust and other particles build up, they can hurt the battery and cause the MacBook to get too hot because the fan can’t work. Scratching the screen could also cause long term damage to your body.

Q: Is it okay to use water to clean the Mac screen?
A: You can use pure water that comes in a bottle to clean your Mac screen without leaving streaks. Apple suggests putting water on its iMac clothes in particular.

Give your MacBook the care and attention it needs.

You’ve probably figured out how to clean your MacBook screen and keyboard at home. You will are able to maintain the display of your Mac fresh and devoid of smudges and fingerprints with a few easy steps and the correct tools. Remember to take the steps to keep your screen from getting broken.

Cleaning your clean your MacBook screen regularly makes it look better and gives you the best watching experience. Also, a clean screen keeps your eyes from getting tired and lets you fully enjoy the bright display on your MacBook.

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