How to Delete Time Machine Backups on Mac 2023

Here’s how to Delete Time Machine Backups on Mac 2023. When your computer hard drive gets full, spring-clean unneeded files. If you use Time Machine to back up your data, you may want to manually remove useless files. Deleting outdated backups or running out of space might motivate your cleaning drive.

In the second situation, Time Machine would display “Time Machine could not complete the backup.” This backup exceeds the disc space. Backup needs AA GB but only BB GB is available.”

Whatever the cause, you may delete Time Machine backups to free up space on the device (and make new ones).

How to Get Delete of Old Copy Files in Mac Time Machine

Step #1. Link Mac to Time Machine Drive.

Step #2. Reduce Time Machine icon to Menu bar.

Step #3. Choose “Enter Time Machine.”

Step #4. Scroll down to the backup deletion time.

Step #5. Now, right-click the backup in Time Machine’s Finder window or click the cog wheel symbol.

Step #6. Choose “Delete All Backups of (name)”.

Step #7. Enter admin password when asked.

How to Delete Time Machine Backups on Mac 2023

How to Use tmutil on a Mac to Get Rid of Old Time Machine Backups

Some tech-savvy people can quickly get rid of backups with tmutil.

If you know how to use the command line, the tmutil tool can also get rid of backups right away, no matter how old they are. Tmutil is for people who know how to use the command line and exact code. The above way, on the other hand, lets you delete old backups with a graphical user interface.

These steps will show you how to use tmutil syntax:

Delete/TimeMachine/Drive/Path/To/OldBackup with tmutil

You might want to make a list of folders by date so that you can see which backup to delete. Find the perfect path with this. This is not the only way to see a list of times. You can also use ls:

echo “List of Volumes/TimeMachineDrive/Backups.backupdb/MacName”

You can make a long and detailed list of the things you want to delete. For example, if you have old files that have been saved for a few years, you want to delete them on exact date:

delete /Volumes/BackupDriveName/Backups.backupdb/MacComputerName/YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS/ with tmutil

Make sure you change “BackupDriveName” to the name of the Time Machine volume drive, “MacComputerName” to the name of the Mac from which you want to delete the backups, and “YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS” to the correct date in Year/Month/Date/Time format.

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This is how the code would look:

When you run this command, it will delete the backup database for the MacBook Pro from the Time Machine backups folder. If you use the above method, be careful not to lose info by changing your mind.

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