How to see your Apple Music Replay 2024 playlist on iPhone, iPad and Mac

It’s the end of the year once more! Take a tour through your musical journey to find out what you’ve been Apple Music Replay listening to this year. This post will walk you through the process of accessing and finding your own see Apple Music replay 2024 playlist on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I’ll also go over how Apple Music Replay works and how to post your Replay list on other social media channels.

How Apple Music Replay Works

Apple Music Replay, similar to Spotify Wrapped, gives you a “year-in-review” of the top bands and songs on Apple Music.

It creates mixes by analyzing your listening habits over the course of the year. It provides users with insight into their musical interests and allows them to remember their favorite songs from the previous year. Apple Music Replay will feature a number of songs and numbers.

  • Your top songs
  • Top artists
  • Your Top Albums
  • Top styles
  • Total listening time: This statistic shows the total number of minutes that you will have listened to Apple Music music in 2024.
  • Your Replay Mix: Custom playlist of your favorite songs from 2024.

You can’t access Replay directly from your Music app. In light of everything, you will be taken to a web program. You don’t have to worry; I have provided the steps below for viewing the statistics on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Retrieve your 2024 Apple Music Replay Playlist on iPhone, iPad or Mac

  • Visit the website of Apple Music Replay You can use any browser you choose.
    • Tap the blue album artwork that says Share your year of music under Just Launched.
  • You’ll now be redirected to Apple Replay. Tap jump in to proceed.
  • When asked, enter the Apple ID details. Hit Continue.
    It might take some time.
  • You’ll be able to access your Apple Music number immediately after verification.
  • To begin, tap Play your highlighted reel.
How to see your Apple Music Replay 2024 playlist on iPhone, iPad and Mac

  • You can see your favorite songs, albums, and bands of the past year along with their play numbers and total viewing time.
    • You can tap on the stories to get to the next statistic.

If you want to share with others your listening habits, follow the instructions below.

How to share 2024 Apple Music Replay statistics and your playlist

  • Click the share button located at the bottom of each frame. share the stats directly on any social media website you choose.
    You may also share photos.
  • You’ll then be asked to explore the year in more detail. Tap Explore Dashboard if you find it interesting.
  • You can scroll down to see your favorite songs, artists and albums. Also, you can find out how much time you spent listening to each song.
  • You will be taken to the original Apple Music app.
  • You should see a special Apple Music Replay playlist.
  • Add this album by clicking the (+ ) buttons.
  • If you wish, you can also share your favorite songs by clicking the Three-Dot Button or Share Playlist.
How to see your Apple Music Replay 2024 playlist on iPhone, iPad and Mac

It’s that simple! Apple Music Replay allows you to relive your favorite music and reflect on the past year. What if you cannot find the Replay? Do not worry! I’ve got you covered. Continue on.

How to solve Apple Music Replay 2024 not loading or updating?

You may find it frustrating when you can’t locate the Replay advertisement on Apple Music. There are some factors to consider:

  • Listen to a lot of music: Apple Music Replay requires you to listen to a particular quantity of music before it can compile your statistics. If you don’t listen to much music, you may be unable to view your Replay.
  • Ensure that Listening History is switched on: Apple Music Replay generates statistics based on your listening history. If you do not enable Use Listening History on your iPhone or Mac Settings, your Replay will be unable to produce. Here’s how to accomplish it.

Enable Listening History for iPhone and iPad

  • Open the Settings application – Scroll down to the music option.
  • Turn on Listening History at the bottom of the webpage.
How to see your Apple Music Replay 2024 playlist on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Enable Listening History for Mac

  • Click Music in the menu bar to launch the Apple Music application.
  • Choose Settings in the drop-down menu.
  • Now, enable Use Listening History.
How to see your Apple Music Replay 2024 playlist on iPhone, iPad and Mac

After complying, open your browser and navigate to the Apple Music Replay page, as described previously. If you haven’t already, click the Sign In option to resume your musical adventure.


How frequently does Apple Music Replay receive updates?
The full annual report is generally available at the end of November, or in early December each year.

How can I save or download my Apple Music Replay?
You can download songs to Apple Music for offline listening after adding your Apple Music Replay account.

A musical memory lane is ahead!

You now have your personalized see Apple Music replay 2024 playlist . A mix of songs and memories. Your musical journey is unique, whether you want to relive the nostalgia of old beats or discover the unexpected songs that defined your year.

Please accept our thanks for reading. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and/or the link to the Apple Music Replay recording.

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