How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

Have you ever fallen asleep to your favourite tunes and woke up to them playing? This piece was written for you if so. Setting up a set a sleep timer in Apple Music on your iPhone or Mac is simple and fast. This manner, music stops at a particular hour, letting you sleep well!

Note: These procedures work for most music applications, including Amazon Music and Spotify. But most options to Apple Music already have sleep timers built in!

How to set iPhone Apple Music sleep timer

Setting an Apple Music sleep setting is easy and can be done in two ways. I’ve written about both of them below.

Step 1: Use the Clock app

  • Open your iPhone’s Clock app.
  • In the bottom right corner, tap Timer.
  • Pick the length of time.
  • Use “When Timer Is Up.” Tap “Stop Playing” Lower on the page.
  • Press the green “Start” button.
  • Use the b to listen to your music. The music stops automatically when the timer runs off.

How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

Open the Clock app and tap setting to turn off the Apple Music sleep setting. Tap either Cancel or Pause to finish.

Second way: Use the Shortcuts app

If you do the same thing every day, you can set a programme to stop the music at a certain time. The method. It seems lengthy but is simple. Do it once.

  • Open Shortcuts on your iPhone and choose Automation.
  • If this is your first iPhone automation, tap the blue “New Automation” button. If not, hit (+) in the top right corner.
  • Now, go to the Time of Day menu and choose the following:
    When: Set the time and length of time for action.
    REPEAT: Choose how often the automation will do this.

How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

  • Now, pick “Run Immediately” and then press “Next” in the upper right spot.
  • Press “New Blank Automation” and then “Add Action” when asked.
  • Type Pause into the search box at the top.
  • Now press the Play/Pause button, which has a red play/pause sign next to it.
  • Press Play/Pause again, and this time choose Pause from the screen that appears.
  • Tap “Done” in the top right corner to complete.
  • You now have a route!

How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

Open the Shortcuts app and tap Automation to get rid of this. To get rid of the Play/Pause system, swipe from right to left and press Delete.

How to set a Mac Apple Music sleep timer

There isn’t a built-in way to set an Apple Music sleep setting right now. Mac users may reboot Terminal to make this update work.

  • Mac users, launch Terminal.
  • Copy this code and press Return.
sudo shutdown -s +60

In this case, (+60) means the number of minutes until the Mac should shut down. You may alter this.

  • Type in your device’s password when asked.

How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

  • Your Mac will now shut down automatically, regardless of your activity. That being said, to end this setup, just type sudo killall stop in the prompt.

How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

Bonus: Put the HomePod’s Music app to sleep with a timer

Just one last thing before we part. Putting a timer on Apple Music to stop the music is a great feature for both iPhone and Mac users. In contrast, HomePod can do the same thing without any problems.

Command Siri to stop the music in 30 minutes while the music is playing. That’s it. Music stops when the timer runs off.

Why should you setup an Apple Music sleep timer?

Using Apple Music on an iPhone or Mac to set a sleep timer has a lot of great benefits. Allow us to quickly go through them.

  • Individuals can extend the battery life of their electronics and avoid being woken up by useless notifications while they sleep.
  • Apple Music playing settings are better than those in most third-party apps because you can set your own sleep timer and desired listening length.
  • A personalised musical experience can help users relax without wearing out the gadget all night.

Utilising the sleep timer feature in Apple Music becomes an essential tool for smart music lovers who value both high-quality audio pleasure and good sleep habits.

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Does the sleep setting change the sounds on my device?
Don’t stress! The sleep timer only works for Apple Music. Notifications and other system sounds will keep working as normal.

Does the Apple Music sleep setting work for all kinds of music?
You can use the sleep timer with all kinds of Apple Music material, like songs, albums, and playlists.

You can automate your musical nights!

So there, everyone! A simple but efficient solution to stop music from playing after bed. You may now fall asleep to any song since your Apple iPhone will switch off the audio.

I appreciate your reading. Allow yourself some time to share your thoughts in the space provided below.

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