How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

Have you ever fallen set sleep timer in Apple Music to your favorite music and woke up in the middle of the night with it still playing? If so, then this essay is for you. Here’s how to set up a sleep timer in Apple Music for iPhone and Mac so that music stops playing at a specific time and you can get a decent night’s sleep!

Note: The techniques outlined here apply to practically all music apps, including Spotify and Amazon Music. However, most sleep timer in Apple Music options already include built-in sleep timers!

How to set the iPhone’s Apple Music sleep timer 

You may use one of two easy ways to schedule an sleep timer in Apple Music. Both of them are described below.

Method1: Making use of the Clock app

  • Open your iPhone’s built-in Clock application.
  • From the bottom right, choose Timer.
  • Select the length of time.
How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

  • Press When Timer Goes Off. After swiping down, select Stop PlayingSet.
  • Press the green Start button.
  • Play your tunes by opening the Music app now. The predetermined timer will cause the music to automatically end.

Open the Clock app, choose Timer, and then cancel the Apple Music sleep timer. Lastly, select Pause or Cancel.

Method 2: Use the Shortcuts app

If you have a consistent routine, you may program an automation to stop the music at the specified time. Here is how. It may appear to be long, but it is actually quite simple. Try it once.

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and select the Automation option.
  • If you’ve never established automation on your iPhone, touch the blue “New Automation” button. Otherwise, use the plus (+) button in the upper right corner.
  • Now, tap the Time of Day option and provide the following factors:
    When: Set the length and time for activation.
    REPEAT: Choose the repeat rate for the automation.
How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

  • Select the Run Immediately option and tap Next in the top-right corner.
  • When asked, choose New Blank AutomationAdd Action.
  • Type Pause into the search bar at the top.
How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

  • Tap the Play/Pause button (the one with the red icon). 
  • Again, hit Play/Pause and choose Pause from the drop-down option.
  • To conclude, touch the Done button at the upper right.
  • Your shortcut is ready!

If you no longer require this, launch the Shortcuts app and choose Automation. Swipe right to left on the Play/Pause automation, then hit Delete.

How to set the sleep timer in Apple Music on Mac 

There is currently no specific way to set sleep timer in Apple Music. However, if you want to enable this setting on your Mac, you may use a Terminal turnaround.

  • Open the Terminal software on your Mac.
  • Enter this command and press Return.
sudo shutdown -s +60

Here, (+60) denotes the number of minutes after which the Mac should shut down. You can modify this as you see appropriate.

  • When asked, enter the Password for your device.
How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

  • Your Mac will now shut down automatically, regardless of what work is being completed. However, if you want to end this setup, simply type sudo killall shutdown in the terminal. 
How to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

Bonus: Set a sleep timer for the Music app on HomePod 

Before we separate, here’s something extra. Setting a timer to halt music on Apple Music is highly useful for iPhone and Mac users. HomePod, on the other hand, can do it effortlessly.

While the music is playing, use Siri instructions such as ‘Hey Siri, cease music in 30 minutes.’ That is it. The sleep timer will be enabled, and the music will cease playing at the specified time.

Why should you consider setting a sleep timer in Apple Music? 

Setting a sleep timer in Apple Music for iPhone and Mac provides numerous notable benefits. Let’s go through them quickly.

  • Individuals may extend the battery life of their gadgets and avoid needless disruptions when sleeping.
  • Most third-party applications do not allow you to define a custom sleep timing or desired length for Apple Music playing.
  • Users may enjoy a tailored mood-setting musical experience that promotes relaxation without draining the smartphone all night.

With such adaptability and ease, using Apple Music’s sleep timer function becomes an essential tool for discriminating music listeners who value both superb audio enjoyment and good sleep hygiene.


Does the sleep setting change the sounds on my device?
Don’t stress! The sleep timer only works for Apple Music. Notifications and other system sounds will keep working as normal.

Does the Apple Music sleep setting work for all kinds of music?
You can use the sleep timer in Apple Music with all kinds of Apple Music material, like songs, albums, and playlists.

Automate your delightful nights!

And there you have it, everyone! A simple yet game-changing strategy for ensuring that your music does not go past your bedtime. You can now drift into dreamland with your favorite songs, knowing that your Apple device will gracefully say goodbye to the music when it’s time to call it a night.

Thank you for reading. Please express your opinions in the comments area below.

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