How to use Hot Corners in macOS Sonoma and Ventura {2023}

The Mac is clearly the best device for getting more done. Apple constantly updates its software to make it more helpful and productive. For example, web apps in Safari and interactive widgets use Hot Corners in macOS Sonoma and Ventura are two examples. However, there are other useful features that we should use more, like Hot Corners. Discover everything about Mac Hot Corners.

What are Mac Hot Corners?

When you point your mouse to one of the four screen corners, “Hot Corner” starts an activity. Like keyboard keys, hot corners let you do different things without having to go through options. Moving your mouse to a corner is simpler than pressing many keys, making it superior than keyboard approaches.

Things that Hot Corners can do on a Mac

With this Mac trick, you can turn the four corners of your screen into “hot” spots that do one of ten different things right away. The bottom right spot is set to Quick Note by default.

Here are the 10 different things you can do with a hot corner:

  • Mission Control: Mission Control displays your Mac’s current open apps.
  • Application Windows: all of an app’s open windows are shown in a single view. In this case, it would show you all of your stickies at once. Home Page
  • Notification Center: Is where you can see your tools and app alerts. Most people don’t place this in a hot location since they can slide two fingers from the right side of their keyboard to the left or click the date and time in the menu bar.
  • Desktop: This action moves all of your apps out of the way so you can quickly get to files on your desktop. When you move the mouse or choose a file, the windows come back right away.
  • Launchpad: The Launchpad works and looks like the Home screen on an iPhone or iPad. It lets you move around and use apps that are stored on your Mac.
  • Quick Note: When you put this in a “hot corner,” it opens right away as a note for quickly “jotting down” thoughts.
  • Start Screensaver: This move does exactly what its name says—it starts your screensaver. Although few people use screensavers, they might be beneficial for hiding your desktop for a few minutes.
  • Turn off screensaver: After a few minutes of inactivity, such while you’re debating how to compose an email, it may appear. Your screensaver won’t turn on after this hot corner movement.
  • Putting the Display to Sleep: This hot corner move turns off the screen right away.
  • Lock computer: This hot corner move lets you turn off your computer right away. Unlike when you put your screen to sleep, locking it requires a password to return to your desktop.

How to access and enable Hot Corners on Mac

  • Go to the Apple Menu and select b to get to Hot Corners.

How to use Hot Corners in macOS Sonoma and Ventura {2023}

  • Go to the toolbar and choose Desktop & Dock. Next, scroll down and click Hot Corners.
  • There are four drop-down options for Hot Corners. To set them up, choose one of them.
  • Choose which hot spot to make an action happen → Click “Done.”
  • Simply move your mouse to the “Hot Corner” on your screen to complete your task.

How to use Hot Corners in macOS Sonoma and Ventura {2023}

How to make Hot Corners your own

To make changes, simply go back to the use Hot Corners in macOS Sonoma and Ventura Corners settings and change the tasks or hot corners that are given to them as you like.

How to use keyboard shortcuts to set up Hot Corners on a Mac

People often say that hot areas are annoying because they are easy to set off by accident. You can stop this from happening by adding control keys that make you press certain keys while moving to a corner in order to do something.

The Command, Shift, Option, and Control keys may be used alone or together. Hold down one or more keys before or while clicking on pop-up choices. It should say “Key Action” before the action, like “⇧ Mission Control” when you press Shift.

How to stop Mac Hot Corners

There is no way to turn Hot Corners in macOS Sonoma and Ventura off. Instead, just click on the hot area that has an action set to it and change the action to either nothing or the – sign.

  • Open Apple MenuSystem SettingsDesktop & Dock.
  • Click Hot Corners when you get to the bottom.
  • Select an item from a drop-down choice → Pick out the (–) sign → For your changes to be saved, click “Done.”

How to use Hot Corners in macOS Sonoma and Ventura {2023}


Why doesn’t my MacBook save hot corners?
Other people, like a supervisor or IT staff, may be in charge of your computer’s settings. You may need their permission to update Mac settings. If you have more than one monitor, hot corners might not work on the extended displays. They will only work on the main display.

On my Mac, how do I get rid of the hot spots?
To turn off hot corners, go to the settings and remove the action that was set for them.

On a Mac, where do you click to get hot corners?
Any of the four screen corners might be heated. It’s set so that only the bottom right has a given move (Quick Note). You can set up hot spots and change or add to the tasks that are given to each one.

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Wrap up

With hot areas, you can quickly get to features and apps on your Mac without having to go through settings. If you haven’t already, investigate this to save time and labor. Also, do you love them? If so, tell us below why!

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