How to uninstall apps on Mac? 3 Ways explained!

Apps may be an excellent method to finish chores. However, they may not meet the needs of the job or there are better, more efficient tools available. Unfortunately, apps you don’t use anymore can clutter your Mac. Uninstall apps on Mac becomes essential in this situation. You can delete applications on Mac in several different ways, depending on where you downloaded them. Let’s look at how you can delete Mac apps using different methods.

How to Uninstall an App Downloaded from the Mac App Store

Launchpad is a simple way to uninstall apps that you have downloaded from the App store.

  • Open the Launchpad by opening the Applications folder or the Dock.
    You can also pinch your trackpad with three fingers and thumb.
  • Launchpad has a search box at the top. Type the name of the app or the Launchpad in the field.
  • Hold down the Option key, or click and hold any app to make it jiggle.

How to uninstall apps on Mac? 3 Ways explained!

  • You can delete an app by clicking the Delete (X).

Only apps downloaded from the App Store will have a Delete (X). You can’t force-delete apps from Launchpad if they weren’t downloaded from the AppStore. Try deleting them via Finder.

Occasionally, removing an app from Launchpad or Finder does not work and the deleted app appears on your Mac. You can use one of these methods if this happens.

How to Uninstall an App That Cannot Be Removed Using Launchpad

If you have downloaded apps from the internet, or installed them using the old-fashioned method of using a CD or DVD, you can uninstall the app through Finder or the native uninstaller.

Note: You may not be able to open files you have created using the app if you choose to do so again.

Method 1: Use the native uninstaller to remove the program

Some programs include uninstallers to remove files and settings related with the software. You may find the uninstaller on the dashboard or in the menu of the program. Some programs may have a uninstaller on Finder.

  • Go to Finder – Select the Applications folder on the Finder sidebar.
  • Open the folder containing the app and click on it to check if an installer is included.
  • Double-click [App] Uninstaller (or Uninstall [App]) and follow the instructions onscreen.

Method 2: Remove using the Trash

You can drag apps directly from the Applications folder into the Trash if you do not see the uninstaller.

  • You can also select Move to Trash by clicking the app and selecting it from the contextual menu.

How to uninstall apps on Mac? 3 Ways explained!

  • You can also delete an app by pressing Cmd + Delete.
  • To uninstall a program on Mac, you may be required to enter your username and password (normally the same name and password that you use for logging in to your Mac).
  • If you have a subscription for the app, cancel it before deleting it.

You can’t delete apps that your Mac needs to run (like those installed by macOS).

Method 3: Using Terminal to uninstall Mac programs

If you come across a particularly persistent software that proves impossible to remove, you may use Terminal to uninstall it from your Mac.

Note: If you use this method incorrectly, it can delete important Mac directories. So, if you are not confident using the technical method, choose the above-mentioned app removal techniques instead.

  • Launch Terminal by clicking on Finder -> Applications -> Utilities.
  • Type the command sudo uninstall ://.
  • Drag the icon of the app into the Terminal window.
  • Enter your admin password by pressing Return.

How to uninstall apps on Mac? 3 Ways explained!

How to Clean Up Orphan Files From Deleted Mac Apps Manually

Often, when you remove apps from your Mac, they leave behind junk files or orphaned files.

  • Launch Finder after deleting the app.
  • Click Go on the menu bar and choose Go to Folder.
  • Copy and paste each destination, then go through each folder and delete any remaining junk.
    • /Applications/ : delete Dock and binary icons
    • ~/Library/Application Support: delete application support files

How to uninstall apps on Mac? 3 Ways explained!

    • /Library/Caches/ or /Library/Caches/ : delete app support caches
    • ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/: remove app plug-ins
    • ~/Library/Preferences/: remove app preferences
    • ~/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/: remove app’s crash reports
    • /Library/Saved application state/: delete saved app states

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Note: Be cautious when deleting system-related files. The Mac can be affected if you delete or remove the wrong files.

Wrap up

Most installed applications on Mac can be removed via Launchpad, or directly by deleting them from the Applications folder within Finder. Many come with uninstallers. Make sure to delete any orphan files on your computer that may clutter up over time. You were able to remove the app, right? Which method worked the best? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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