Deleted App Still Showing Up on Mac? 10 Ways to Fix It!

Deleted App Still Showing Up on Mac. It’s simple to uninstall a software from Launchpad or Finder, but it’s annoying when it lingers. This article discusses the simplest solutions to resolve the issue where removed programs still appear on Mac. Allow us to begin!

Clear Mac cache

Temporary storage is used by your Mac to store data you frequently access so it can work faster. If you delete an application from your Mac, but its icon remains in Launchpad, this could be due to saved data.

  • Start up Finder.
  • Pick out From the menu bar, choose “Head” and then “Go to Folder.”
  • Press Return after typing ~/Library/Caches.

Deleted App Still Showing Up on Mac? 10 Ways to Fix It!

The cache folder will be displayed to you. Drag the app’s designated file or folder to the trash icon on the Dock menu.

Remove app data with Spotlight Search

Some third-party programs come with scripts, support files, self-design drivers, independent helpers, and app extensions, which are scattered across your Mac. When you delete an app, its files and data remain on your Mac. To remove all evidence of the app, erase the final few pieces of information.

  • Press Command () + Space Bar to open Spotlight Search.
  • Enter the app name.
  • Hold down the Command key to find the app exactly.
  • Go there, right-click on the app file, and choose “Move to Bin.”

Deleted App Still Showing Up on Mac? 10 Ways to Fix It!

Uninstall Mac programs from Launchpad

  • Press and hold on the app you wish to get rid of.
  • Hold down on the app until it moves around.
    You could also press and hold the keyboard’s option key (⌥) until the app moves around.

Deleted App Still Showing Up on Mac? 10 Ways to Fix It!

  • Press “X” and select “Delete.”
  • Right-click the bin in the dock and select “Empty Bin.”
  • To be sure, choose “Empty Bin.”

Deleted App Still Showing Up on Mac? 10 Ways to Fix It!

Notes: This only works for App Store-purchased apps.

Uninstall app using Finder

Finder allows you to uninstall third-party programs. Try it if you can’t get rid of programs from Launchpad!

  • Select “Apps” from the left menu in the Finder.
  • Find the app to delete.
  • Press and hold on the app, then choose “Move to Bin.”

Permanently delete an app from Terminal

If an application continues to slow or become stuck, delete it from the Mac Terminal permanently. It will remove all of the app files and associated information from the root path.

  • Press Command (⌘) and Space Bar to open Spotlight search.
  • Look for Terminal and open it.
  • Press return after typing cd /Applications/.
  • Type rm -rf → Type a space → Drag the app from the Applications folder in Finder and press the Return key.
  • Put in the password for your Mac and press “Return.”

Force Restart Launchpad using Terminal

Terminal allows you to perform things that macOS cannot. To remove blocked programs, force restart Launchpad on your Mac via the Terminal.

  • Start up Terminal.
  • Type “killall Dock” and press “return.”

Deleted App Still Showing Up on Mac? 10 Ways to Fix It!

The Dock and Launchpad will start up again, but the app icon will no longer be shown on the Launchpad.

Resetting Launchpad deletes removed apps

If removed programs still display on your Mac, reboot Launchpad to resolve the issue immediately. It removes invalid entries and clears the Launchpad cache.

  • Get into Finder → Pick one. Start at the top → Press “Go to Folder.”
  • Look for ~/Library and press “Return.”
  • Open up the folder called “Application Support.”
  • Go to the folder called Dock.
  • Find files that end in “.db“; then, right-click on them and choose “Move to Bin.”

Deleted App Still Showing Up on Mac? 10 Ways to Fix It!

Boot Mac into Safe Mode

Starting your Mac in Safe Mode will remove any residual files or settings for the removed software. Learn how to enter Safe Mode on your Mac by reading this article.

Use third-party app cleaner apps

The process of manually removing program data and files takes time. Use a third-party programme. CleanMyMac X is my go-to app for dependability. For further information, see CleanMyMac X: All-In-One Software for Cleaning, Protecting, and Speeding Up Your Mac.

Other basic fixes

Those who have attempted the aforementioned troubleshooting techniques but are still unable to remove the removed app icon can try these simple yet efficient remedies.

  • Restart Mac: Restarting your Mac may seem straightforward, but it may cure many issues. Click the Apple sign (◊) and choose “Shut Down” to turn your Mac back on.
  • Reset Mac: Resetting your Mac fixes a programme that keeps appearing in your Applications folder or Dock after removal.. It gets rid of any temporary files or caches that could still be linked to the app that was removed.
  • Talk to Apple Support: An software you deleted from your Mac may still be present due to an operating system or app issue. Calling Apple Support will get you expert help and make the annoying problem go away quickly.


Why do deleted apps still show up on my Mac?
There are two possible reasons why deleted apps keep showing up on Mac: app files that won’t go away or a shutdown that wasn’t finished.

What should I do if my Mac has no files?
If you can’t discover more files, I doubt there any. That’s why I think you should restart your Mac; it might just be a small system bug.

Will all my Mac app data be deleted if I delete it?
Removing anything usually deletes its files from the computer. But sometimes, some files that are connected to the app might stay even after the app is removed.

Get rid of the icon for the app you removed!

Use third-party software or remove any unnecessary files to resolve your problem. Check that your system is working and then try the solutions. For more information, please read the section below ” Read more“.

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