How to delete Google Maps history on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Google Maps is a popular iOS and macOS navigation software. It gives users a lot of different options, such as routes, real-time traffic updates, and even satellite images. It’s too bad that all of these functions can be expensive. It saves your information and what sites you visit, like all online services do. Your Google Maps information must be deleted to prevent others from seeing it. Delete Google Maps history on iPhone, iPad, or Mac using these steps.

Why should you delete Google Maps history regularly?

Google Maps lets you find your way around the world, but over time, your search past can get big. We also like to mention:

  • When you use Google Maps, it tracks your location and searches. This information may be shared with other parties or used to show you relevant advertising. Your private information will stay private if you delete your Google Maps records.
  • Your device’s memory can get full of old travel routes and places, which can make searches take longer. It will be easier and faster to find if you clear your information.
  • Multiple looks can make the surroundings messy. If you delete all old data, you won’t spend time searching previous searches or navigating new areas.

It’s easy and important to delete your Google Maps records so that your personal information is safe and your searches are more accurate and quick.

How to delete your iPhone or iPad’s Google Maps search history

  • Open up Google Maps.
  • In the upper right area, tap your picture.
  • Go to Settings and scroll down until you see Maps past.

How to delete Google Maps history on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

  • Hold on for a moment until Maps action shows up.
    If the app asks for identification, hit Verify and enter your password.
  • Now, go to the bottom and tap Delete. Choose a suitable timeframe.

How to delete Google Maps history on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

  • You can pick one of these four choices:
    • Today delete: If you choose this choice, the Google Maps data for that day will be erased. When you see a warning that says “Deletion complete,” press “OK.”
    • Delete custom range: If you choose can get rid of your Maps data from a certain time period. Pick the dates you want to erase from your records, then press Next and then Delete. Check your stored data before deleting it. When asked, press OK. Deleted everything.
    • Get rid of everything: With this choice, you can delete all of your Google Maps information at once. Just press Delete and then OK when asked.
    • Auto-delete: Best of all, you may set it to remove itself after a specified period. To finish the process, press Next and then OK. This tool will delete all of your Google Maps information immediately after 3, 18, or 36 months, depending on what you choose.

How to delete your Mac’s search history for Google Maps

  • If you haven’t done so previously, sign into your Google account. Go to the official page for My Google Activity. In case you haven’t already, log into your Google account.
  • Click on Online & App Activity.

How to delete Google Maps history on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

  • Click the Google Maps button located in Activity Control.
  • Choose your desired method after selecting the Delete option.

How to delete Google Maps history on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

The options for the delete option are the same as those for the iPhone and iPad that were previously discussed. To improve your control over your actions, make sure you fully comprehend those before acting.


Will the functionality of the app change if I delete my Google Maps history?
No, clearing your Google Maps history won’t have an impact on how well the software works. It could, however, have an impact on how accurate some features are, including suggestions based on your past searches.

Is it possible to prevent Google Maps from initially storing my browsing history?
Yes, you may disable the “Location history” feature in your Google account to prevent Google Maps from storing your past locations. Open Google Maps and select your profile to accomplish this. Select Your data under the Maps menu, then Location History, then Turn Off. In order to stop your location from being recorded, choose the Pause option now.

Will modifications made to Google Maps settings be reflected on other devices?
All of the devices connected to that account will use the same settings if you manage Google Maps from that account.

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Become more in charge of your presence!

To sum up, Google Maps is a fantastic tool that lets you organize a whole journey. But it gathers a lot of information, which might jeopardize privacy. Clearing your Google Maps history on a regular basis is therefore essential. We covered how to remove Google Maps history from iPhone, iPad, and Mac in this article.

You can be sure that no one who could get access to your smartphone can see your location or search history by doing the easy actions mentioned above.

We appreciate your reading, and if you have any problems, please feel free to voice them in the comments section below.

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