How to turn on or off Location Services on Mac {2023}

It can be helpful to have Location Services turned on for your moving, checking out a new place, or just trying to stay organized. Turning this feature on can make apps work better and make it easier to customize your Mac experience. Allow us to begin by discussing how to activate Location Services on your Mac.

What are Mac location services’ benefits?

  • It helps travelers navigate unfamiliar areas by providing real-time traffic and weather information.
  • It might help emergency services find the person more easily and get help to them faster in case of an emergency.
  • Many services and apps use location data to give users suggestions and material that are specially made for them based on where they are and what they like.
  • You may use it to monitor family or near relatives for safety.
  • Based on location and preferences, businesses may send clients targeted offers.

How to Turn on and Off Mac Location Services

The feature may be in a different place depending on the version of macOS you have loaded. So, I’ve written down the steps for both macOS Monterey and Ventura users to enable Location Services.

Later versions of macOS Ventura

  • Press the Apple icon (▿) and choose System Settings.

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  • To get to Location Services, go to Privacy and Security.
  • Turn Location Services on and off.

How to turn on or off Location Services on Mac {2023}

You might be asked to give Location Services rights the first time you use the setting. You may use your fingerprint or password.

Discover which Mac programs utilize location services

In addition, you can turn on Location Services for certain apps by clicking the button next to that app once.

MacOS Monterey or earlier

  • Click on the Apple logo (▿) and then choose System Preferences.
  • Pick out Privacy and Security.

How to turn on or off Location Services on Mac {2023}

  • Pick up the phone and click on the lock button in the bottom left corner.
    You can let someone change settings by typing in the password or using your fingerprint.
  • Make sure the box next to Enable Location Services is checked.

How to turn on or off Location Services on Mac {2023}

Check the box next to Safari to enable Location Services for that program after turning them on on your Mac.


If I turn on Location Services, will it drain my battery?
Because it uses GPS and other devices to figure out where you are, turning on Location Services may shorten the life of your MacBook’s battery a little. However, this article may help extend your Mac’s battery life.

How well does Location Services on a Mac work?
Location Services on your Mac’s accuracy depends on your location, GPS signal strength, and app. For most uses, though, Location Services can give you accurate information about where you are.

Is it okay for a Mac to have Location Services turned on?
It is generally safe to turn on Location Services on a Mac as long as you are careful and take the right security steps. Also, only enable Location Services for applications you trust and those need to know where you are.

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You’re done!

When you enable Location Services on your Mac, applications may utilize your location to provide tailored content, instructions, and other services. It may also improve search results and provide local information. So, what do you think about Mac’s Location Services feature? Leave a comment.

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