How to pin items to the menu bar on Mac {2023}

The menu bar is an important part of the MacBook’s layout. The screen has a narrow strip on top. It lets you reach different system and app functions, so getting better at using this tab can help you get more done and make your process smoother. Read this piece to learn how to pin things to your Mac’s menu bar.

Benefits of pinning items to menu bar

  • Quick access: You can get to the things you need quickly. You don’t have to look for them in the start menu or launchpad or go through the file system.
  • Customization: Once you pin the apps you want to the menu bar, you can move things around by hitting the Cmd key (⌘) and moving the pins around with an external mouse or keyboard.
  • Multiple tasks at once: Users can quickly switch between frequently used apps by pinning them, so they don’t have to minimise or close other windows.

What types of items can you pin to the Menu bar?

  • Items for system control: These are things like Bluetooth, AirDrop, Screen Mirroring, and other system settings.
  • Control Centre Modules: On the menu bar, you can set times for when to show them.
  • Other modules: These are things that can be shown on the menu bar and the control centre.
  • Third-party apps: A lot of apps come with built-in menu bar buttons. Discover the best free Mac menu bar apps in this post.

How to pin Mac menu bar control centre items

  • Click on Control Centre and then pick something from the list.

How to pin items to the menu bar on Mac {2023}

  • In the menu bar, drag and drop the thing you want to use.

How to pin items to the menu bar on Mac {2023}

Pressing the Command key (⌘) on your computer and dragging the new buttons will also let you change where they are placed as needed.

How to add items to menu bar in macOS Ventura or later

  • Press the Apple icon (◊) in the menu bar and choose System Settings.

How to pin items to the menu bar on Mac {2023}

  • To get to the Control Centre, go.

How to pin items to the menu bar on Mac {2023}

Based on the section and features you want to show, follow the steps below.

Add menu bar Control Centre Modules

The drop-down button next to the tab lets you pick the choice you want. These choices are yours:

  • There are two options for AirDrop, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Stage Manager: Show in Menu Bar and Don’t Show in Menu Bar.
  • Options for other modules are Always Show in Menu Bar, Show When Active, and Don’t Show in Menu Bar.

Simply choose “Don’t Show in Menu Bar” from the drop-down menu to delete items later.

Other modules

Toggle on the button next to Show in Menu Bar to show modules like Accessibility Shortcut, Battery, and more in the menu bar.

Turning off the button next to each option removes them from the menu bar.

Only Menu Bar

From the drop-down menu next to Spotlight, Siri, or Time Machine, you can choose “Show in Menu Bar” to put these apps in the menu bar.

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On a Mac, how many things can I pin to the menu bar?
Add as many items to the Mac menu bar as you wish. But remember that if you add too many things, the menu bar will get crowded and harder to use.

On a Mac, can I pin anything to the menu bar?
On a Mac, you can’t pin everything to the menu bar. You can only pin apps, files, and certain system choices to the menu bar.

On a Mac, is it possible to change how the things in the menu bar look?
No, you can’t change how the things in the menu bar look on a Mac. How something looks depends on the app or the Mac settings.

Wrap up

I appreciate your reading. I hope it helped you add things to your Mac’s menu bar and easily use things you use often. Be sure to share your Mac menu bar experiences below.

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