How to View Live Photos in Messages on Mac {2024}

It is a unique feature to be able to view live photos on a Mac using iMessage. This remarkable feature gives your photos a new, intelligent, and previously unknown aspect. It allows you to recall your most precious memories in a completely different way. We reveal how to view live photos in Messages for Mac.

How to View Live Photos in Messages on Mac?

If you’re wondering how exactly you can view live photos in messages on your Mac, worry no more. There are a couple of straightforward advances included, so it’s a breeze to finish. Along these lines:

  • Open your Messages application on your Mac.
  • You need to locate the conversation thread that includes the live photo you wish to view.
  • To view the Live Photo, simply click on the photo in the conversation. To enact the Live Picture, hover the mouse pointer over the picture and snap the “Live” button. All systems are going. Couldn’t it be perfect if we would continuously do this?

How to View Live Photos in Messages on Mac {2024}

How could you need to utilize this?

A live shot is not just an image. The image is a real life moment frozen in time, with sound and development. Live photographs on Mac reveal every nuance of the captured second. This is amazing, right?

Do Live Photos work on all versions of Mac?

Sadly, not all Macs offer this component. Gadgets running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 or later are suggested for review of live photos. In this way, perhaps it’s the ideal opportunity for a product update in the event that you’re not seeing the choice.


Now you know exactly, It genuinely is an uncommon and engrossing part that makes connecting with pictures more tomfoolery. In case you want a prevalent time, why not give it a shot?

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