iPhone keeps disconnecting from Mac? 7 Fixes

Here’s iPhone keeps disconnecting from Mac? 7 Fixes. Apple ecosystem investment benefits. All gadgets work together flawlessly. What if your iPhone keeps disconnecting from Mac? This might be caused by anything from poor cables to program problems.

This issue causes iPhone charging sound to continue. The problem may delay your Mac. Fix iPhone disconnecting from Mac.

Check cables and ports

Check cable damage and ruptures. Try a borrowed lightning cable to find the issue. Port debris pileup is another scenario. Lint and dirt sometimes clog lightning ports. Clean the port with an earbud.

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Change Finder Preferences setting

Incorrect Finder settings might prohibit iPhone connections. You must adjust settings to fix this. Steps are below:

  • Launch Finder on Mac.
  • Now click Finder in the upper left menubar.
  • Choose Preferences.

iPhone keeps disconnecting from Mac? 7 Fixes

  • Go to General.
  • Mark external discs.

iPhone keeps disconnecting from Mac? 7 Fixes

Reset iPhone Location & Privacy Settings

Apps modify factory settings over time. Resetting settings is always wise. Resetting Location & Privacy Settings fixes iPhone connectivity issues.

  • Go to iPhone Settings → General.
  • Scroll down to Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Press Reset and choose Reset Location & Privacy.
  • Next, confirm Reset Settings.

iPhone keeps disconnecting from Mac? 7 Fixes

Following this, your iPhone Location & Privacy settings will default.

Restart usbd process

Use macOS Terminal

Terminal may be the most underused macOS feature. Most notably, it can solve iPhone disconnecting from Mac with a command. Launch Terminal using Spotlight. Enter the command below. Enter your Mac password when asked.

end: sudo killall usbd

Use Activity Monitor

Uneasy with Terminal? Alternative to killing usbd process: Activity Monitor.

  • Navigate to Launchpad and choose Others.
  • Select Activity Monitor.
  • Search usbd under Disc.
  • Select usbd procedure and push top X.
  • Select Force Quit from the pop-up.
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Reset SMC/NVRAM on Mac

Sometimes restarting your Mac doesn’t cure problems. Some circumstances need NVRAM/PRAM reset. Intel-powered Macs have always-on NVRAM. Learn how to reset Mac NVRAM with our full tutorial.

Create a new admin account on Mac

Mac user account settings may cause this. Create a new Admin account with a separate Apple ID. MacOS will delete profile settings. Create an admin account using these procedures.

  • Click the upper-right Apple logo to open System Preferences.
  • Choose Users & Group.

iPhone keeps disconnecting from Mac? 7 Fixes

  • Unlock and input the password by clicking the lock.
  • Click + to add a User.
    • Choose Administrator.
    • Add new account username and password.

iPhone keeps disconnecting from Mac? 7 Fixes

Contact Apple Support

If everything else fails, contact Apple Support. iPhone disconnecting from Mac may be due to lightning/USB port damage.


Q: Why does Finder constantly showing and hiding iPhone?
A: Bad connectors or Finder settings may cause it. Follow section two for this issue.

Q: Fix iPhone that constantly connecting and detaching from Wi-Fi?
A: Reset network settings. Keep the gadget in Wi-Fi range. A reset of the iPhone and Wi-Fi router may assist.

Q: Reinstall macOS if my iPhone keeps disconnecting from Mac?
A: Reinstalling macOS may be necessary in severe instances. Before proceeding, contact Apple Support. This will assist since all user data and settings are deleted.

Hope this post fixed the iPhone-Mac disconnection issue. Was the problem fixed? Comment on your experience.

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