How To Clear Safari Cache, History, And Cookies On a Mac

This post is perfect if you’re looking for ways to remove the Clear Safari Cache, saved data, and browser history from Safari in order to maintain the privacy of your online activity. In addition to protecting your privacy, you may also speed up your Mac’s Safari browser by deleting webpage data. Now let’s get going!

How to clear cookies and cache from Safari on Mac 

  1. Start Safari’s browser.
  2. Click Safari > Settings on the menu bar.
  3. Select Manage Website Data from the Privacy tab.
  4. Choose “Remove All.”
    You can choose websites one by one and then click Remove.
  5. Click the Remove Now button to confirm.
  6. Click Done to finish making your choices.
How To Clear Safari Cache, History, And Cookies On a Mac

If you’re like me and like to use multiple names on Safari Cache to keep your personal and work life separate, I have something to tell you. The above way will only get rid of website info for a certain Safari profile.

But if you want to clear the cookies and cache for all of your Safari Cache settings, you’ll need to do the following.

How To Clear Safari Cache, History, And Cookies On a Mac

How to clear the Mac’s Safari cache 

  1. Start Safari Select Settings from the Safari Cache menu bar.
  2. Go to the “Advanced” tab and click the “Show features for web developers” box.
  3. Open the new Develop tab in the menu bar, and then choose Empty Caches for All Profiles from the list of choices.
How To Clear Safari Cache, History, And Cookies On a Mac

How to block all cookies in Mac Safari 

  1. Start the Safari web browser, Select Settings from the Safari menu bar.
  2. Go to the “Advanced” tab and click the box next to “Block all cookies” to turn it on.
  3. Click Block All to confirm.

What happens when you clear Safari’s history and website data

  1. When you clear internet data, all of the sites you’ve been to will be erased.
  2. This can make it harder to track websites, which is good.
  3. You might have to sign in to all of your accounts again.
  4. All of the apps’ rights need to be reset.
  5. Sites will again ask for permission.
  6. The list of things you downloaded will be deleted, but the files themselves will still be there.

Safari History and Website Data Removal Consequences 

  • The history of every website you’ve visited will be gone when you clear website data.
  • This can reduce tracking from websites, which is useful.
  • You may have to reset your passwords for each and every account.
  • Reset each app’s permissions.
  • Websites will re-ask for authorization.
  • The files will remain unaltered, however the list of downloaded files will be removed.


Q): Why might you want to clear cache, history, and cookies in Safari?
A): There are several reasons for clearing Safari Cache, history, and cookies. You can make your browser work better, free up more storage space, protect your privacy by deleting saved login information and viewing history, and fix problems related to how websites work and function.

Q): If I clear my Safari cookies, will my saved sites and passwords be lost?
A): No, clearing Safari Cache cookies will not remove your saved tabs or passwords.

Q): Will the websites and services I’m currently using automatically log me out when I delete cookies?
A): Yes, when you delete cookies, you will be logged out of the websites and services you were previously logged into. This process deletes any saved login information.

Q): Will clearing my cache, history, and cookies change the way I browse?
A): Yes, clearing your cache, history, and cookies can have a short-term effect on the way you browse. Websites may take longer to load at first because the stored data needs to be retrieved again.

Keep yourself safe!

Simply follow the above instructions to get rid of your Mac’s Safari history, cookies, and cache. Furthermore, if you’re considering switching the default search engine in Safari for both public and private windows, I highly suggest our comprehensive guidelines.

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