How to Use iPhone as Microphone for a Mac {2024}

Despite the fact that the MacBook is a unique creation, it cannot compete with the iPhone’s music and video quality. You can use iPhone as microphone, which is ideal. Simply follow the instructions outlined below to sync your iPhone with your Mac and capture high-quality audio. How to utilize an iPhone as a microphone for Mac.

How to use iPhone as Mac microphone requirements

Change the microphone on your Mac to your iPhone by following the steps that follow:

  • You need an iPhone Xs or later that has iOS 16 or later.
  • You should have at least macOS 13 Ventura on your Mac.
  • You need to use the same Apple ID on both equipment.
  • Turn upon Bluetooth on both, and keep the iPhone next to the Mac.

You need to turn on the Facetime camera between your iPhone and Mac and then do some additional steps to use your iPhone as your Mac’s mic.

How to use iPhone as Mac microphone

  • Unlock your iPhone’s Settings by turning it on.
  • Go to Basic and then Airplay & Handoff.
  • Switch on the Background Camera.

How to Use iPhone as Microphone for a Mac {2024}

  • Just on your Mac, click the Apple icon (▿) Pick up your computer.

How to Use iPhone as Microphone for a Mac {2024}

  • On the upper left side, click Sound. Then, select Input.

How to Use iPhone as Microphone for a Mac {2024}

  • Pick out your iPhone from the collection.

How to Use iPhone as Microphone for a Mac {2024}

  • That’s the time it! Your iPhone will make a sound and show a screen that says “Connected to…” meaning you can now use your iPhone as a wireless speaker for your Mac.
  • You can choose to Stop to end the link. When you’re done, press the red “Disconnect” button on your iPhone’s screen.

Benefits of using iPhone as Mac’s default mic

There are many causes to utilize your iPhone as a Mac microphone. Explicit advantages include:

  • Our estimate is that the mic on your iPhone is superior to the one on your Mac. Hence, in the event that you utilize your iPhone as a microphone, you might get more exact sound when you record or broadcast on your Mac.
  • Since most people always own iPhones with them, it’s effortless to use them as a microphone for their Mac. You will not have to bring an extra microphone or bother about how to connect the cords, which saves you time and trouble.
  • Using an iPhone as a Mac microphone may save you money. You don’t need an expensive extra microphone if you just use it sometimes.
  • Your iPhone has incredible sound, which simplifies it for you to make great records, regardless of whether you’re not a sound master.


Why does my Mac’s Interval Camera not work?
If you are having problems connecting your iPhone to the Mac, try alternative methods to fix the iPhone Interval Camera that is not working.

Is it true that using my iPhone for a microphone quickly drains the battery?
The battery of an iPhone could be drained if it is used as a mic. A fully charged battery should not lose power too quickly.

Can I use my iPhone to record audio on a Mac?
Certain applications allow you to record audio directly onto your iPhone if you are using it as a Mac microphone. This is useful for digital broadcasts or voice notes.

You should never sacrifice sound quality…

Using your iPhone as a Mac’s microphone is a great way to obtain high-quality sound. It sounds great and is easy to move about, making it a fantastic choice for sound podcasting and sound recording. After that, the possibilities are endless. There are a few fundamental phases that include setup and meeting the necessary requirements. If you do these steps, you can quickly turn your iPhone into a professional-quality microphone.

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