How to prepare your Mac for macOS Sonoma {2024}

Let’s start how to prepare your Mac OS Sonoma. Sonoma is the most recent version of macOS and has many new features. It also boosts speed. Before you update, you need to make sure that your Mac is prepared so the download will go smoothly. This blog post will show you how to prepare your Mac for macOS Sonoma.

We’ll cover everything, from making sure that they work together to backing your information up. We can help you whether this is your first Mac or not.

What you should know:

  • Before anything else make sure that your Mac can run macOS Sonoma.
  • Make sure there is enough room on the Mac to download and set up the new program.

Does your Mac work with macOS Sonoma?

Macs with Intel and M1 chips are among the machines that can run macOS 13:

  • Apple Mac (after than 2019)
  • 2017 iMac Pro, Apple
  • Macbook Air (beginning with 2018)
  • Any MacBook Pro released in 2018 or after.
  • Mac mini (after than 2018 model)
  • A Mac Pro from 2019 onwards
  • Any and every Mac Studio

Does your Mac have macOS Sonoma space?

Most upgrades to macOS are substantial downloads. The size of macOS Sonoma is close to 14 GB. The computer must have adequate free space before the OS installation process can begin. That often doubles the OS file size.

Choose the Apple menu and then About This Mac. Then select Storage. You should free up space on your Mac prior to installing macOS 14. Read on if you plan to do a “spring clean” or reset your Mac’s factory settings and install the latest operating system.

Verify the compatibility of your most essential apps.

This step is highly dependent on the extent of the OS upgrade. If the OS undergoes major fundamental or security changes, some programs may not work. It’s a shame if you have an app that’s used every day in your business and it doesn’t work with the latest version of operating system.

Even if macOS 14 has little changes, it’s always a good idea to check if the product is compatible. You may probably find out the current situation by doing a search on Google or going to the App Store.

Between the Developer Beta and the final public release, most major applications update to support the newest OS.

How to Backup your Mac

Installing macOS 14’s Developer Beta, Public Beta, or public release is risky. A glitch, faulty connection, botched file download, or something else would cause data loss.

Thus, backup your Mac before upgrading is wise.

How to prepare your Mac for macOS Sonoma {2024}

Create a Mac partition to test macOS Sonoma

Though optional, it’s an excellent idea if you want to experience macOS 13 beta. The plan is to divide your Mac into two parts so that you can test the beta versions without worrying about bugs or other threats to your data and files.

Ensure that the network connection is safe and steady 

I’ve already mentioned that macOS Sonoma weighs in at around 14 GB. To download it, you’ll need an internet connection that is fast. There’s more, though! Internet connection is required for the entire installation process, from checking the viability of the update to entering your Apple ID.

It’s clear that a steady and fast network will help you. But wait a minute. A slow network could make things go more slowly and lead to other problems.

Keep your Apple credentials ready

Let’s hope this isn’t a big job. It will be asked for your Apple ID and password more than once. So, remember the information!

Best wishes…

You have nothing to fret about upgrading to macOS Sonoma now that your Mac is ready. We hope that your move goes well and that you stay safe.

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