How to type degree° symbol on Mac

Here’s how to type degree° symbol on Mac You’re shivering cold and want to send this iMessage to a family member: “When did we relocate to Antarctica? Drop the temperature a few degrees!”

But, how can you install a degree ° sign on your Mac? In this piece, we’ll show you a couple ways to accomplish that.

How to put a degree (°) symbol on Mac using a keyboard shortcut 

  • Shift + Option + 8: This shortcut will bring the degree symbol to your field, like 95deg.

Two other shortcuts add a type degree° symbol sign to the text, but they are actually used for different purposes.

  • Option K : This option inserts a small band – 95°
    The Ring is used to type the diacritic above it.
  • Option + Zero (ZERO) : An opportunity to write a symbol – 95°.
    The masculine ordinal indicator is used in written language.

To clear up any doubt, we’ve provided the exact and detailed meaning of each sign we discovered using Mac’s built-in text-to-speech engine.

How to type the degree° symbol on Mac using the Emoji Keyboard 

Emojis and Symbols is a keyboard that allows you to type in a variety of characters and type degree° symbol. Press Ctrl + Command + Space to access the Emoji and Symbols keyboard. The keyboard will appear immediately.

How to type degree° symbol on Mac

You can also use the top menu to access this feature.

  • Click Edit on the top screen.
  • Select Emoji & Symbols.
How to type degree° symbol on Mac

To type a degree symbol,

  • Put the cursor on the field.
  • Type ‘Degrees‘ into the search bar on the keyboard.
  •  It will provide the suggested results with a variety of choices. To put your favorite selection into the text area, choose it and click. 
How to type degree° symbol on Mac

This is all there is to it! Simply validate the correct character type and use the appropriate shortcut. Otherwise, the emoji keyboard is the easiest approach to acquire the correct temperature type degree° symbol sign.

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